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Through this Power Portal of 8/8 I return to my Island community with excitement, gratitude, and joy.

After several months spent in Europe with my mother on compassionate grounds, I am ready and available to co-create with you here and now:


1. New Moon Circle of Women at oceanside honouring, celebrating, and weaving together as One.  Weaving a tapestry of wisdom so natural for women gathering throughout the ages. In Nature’s embrace, nurtured by raw elements, adding the essence of our individual sparks, we shall form a flame of Light to benefit Creation, Mother Earth,  and all our Relations. Let us gather at 7:00 pm at Lantzville Beach to savour the moment of belonging to the highly intelligent and benevolent force, so palpably present at this moment on Planet Earth. At 8 pm of 8/8 we shall enhance this energetic portal with Kundalini meditation until the sun sets completely and dreamworld calls us back to our homes. Please  register at to obtain a full info package. By donation.


2. KUNDALINI BALANCE - in depth online intensive program for women promoting our capacity to dwell within the center, in our core values, in the midst of external chaos, capable and strong, as noble spirits in human forms, holding torches of Light to remember, deliver, and fulfil our mission on Planet Earth, as Light-Workers do. Transmuting fear to courage, doubts to gut knowing, faint voice of the heart to strong calling, and isolation into celebration. Let the viral mutations inspire us to do just that: new forms of evolutionary renaissance much needed and long awaited, from the inside out. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for. JUST DO IT! Send me your YES for this aim to co-create the time, space, and nourishing conditions to make it happen. Proposed start-up date is 9/9/2021, for 9 weeks, for $900. Look up my last offering, Kundalini Incubator 2021, to get the idea and basic outline:

Read the testimonials about this rich, deeply healing and transformative program at my website:


3. Individual sessions, rites of passages, and personal ceremonies available upon request. Preferably outdoors or online.


I look forward to co-create with you and await your early response.


In humble service and devotion,







APRIL 2021


EARTH’s best medicine is EARTH HERSELF!

Sending much love and gratitude to ALL before my departure to Europe until late July.

Today's happy celebration of Wesak Full Moon and MAMA EARTH comes out with my sincere wish that we turn every day to Earth’s Day. When we connect and touch Her with our bare hands and feet, adore Her with all our senses, appreciate Her from the depth of our hearts and dedicate our souls to reviving Her joy and well-being from inside out in All Earth’s Relations, we realize we truly BELONG. That fine essence of belonging comes with deep felt-sense of peace, freedom, harmony and courage beyond any fear and uncertainty. Then we feel like Earth’s citizens and at home in our physical bodies wherever we are, safe under all circumstances…as SHE feels HERSELF in her Holy Wholeness.

After finishing 11-week virtual journey of healing, rebirth and empowerment, named Kundalini Incubator 2021, with women from Canada and Slovakia, we take away the aim of attention into

“What is RIGHT with me”?


Such shift in feeding this polarity, in duality of human’s life, creates a space for daily emergence of miracles, replacing a psyche of emergency. You may read some testimonials HERE.

I recall New Moon of July 2020, when we gathered on the Ocean’s shore here in Lantzville B.C., to take a stand and support Mama Earth as women, who show up and have a voice. I now bring back my message from that Personal Reset 2020 times:

Thank you for having a voice
Thank you for making a choice

Thank you for doing your share
Thank you for keeping good care

Thank you for feeding the hope
Thanks for resourcing in growth

Thank you for keeping Self calm
Thanks for awareness and charm

Thank you for trust and respect
Thanks for your aim to connect

Thank you for stepping up
Thank you for shining bright

Thank you for being of Light
and co-creating a new Dimension of LOVE:-)

Let us AMPLIFY each-other’s POTENTIALITY Standing strong for our dear Planet EARTH and ALL her beings in whatever we do or wherever we are. Until we meet again.







It is an invitation to revive something very old, once naturally practiced before the technocratic era, into which we currently return, when we begin to remember the forgotten treasures of our own true nature. In the modern terminology we call it “the sensory being of the Aquarian Age".

Perhaps, in the beginning of this practice, it may be far fetched from your current imagination, but after a few circles it will become more and more obvious and recognizable to you. This style of work was my experiment in 2020, with selected participants in Slovakia. Their experiences from the energy work in physical circles, which they had attended with me in previous years, helped the ability to telepathically
transmit and connect consciousness to the unconscious. After 8 months of leading circles of the New and Full Moon, I feel that the time has
come to extend the invitation, and include other interested participants, thus strengthen the impact of our LIGHT work to uplift the Collective.

In the current developmental stage of consciousness, we hold these circles not entirely separate from technology. It is a constellation,
where the power of the mind / consciousness replaces computer, or telephone, but when the meditation practice ends, we still include the
computer in sharing to compare our experiences.



The whole procedure usually goes as follows:

1. On a given day (either Full or New Moon), each of the participants will create a quiet and private meditation space, and at exactly 11:00 am, we
will be sitting in a meditation position, with eyes closed and imagining that we are sitting in a circle with the others - this is important to create and stabilize a virtual energy circle. We will attune like this for 10 minutes together with an undivided concentration and long deep breath.

We may invite the Higher Self, Light Beings, Angels, Masters, Ancestors (…fill in with your own). We can strengthen this connection by following the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga (with food guidelines during the day, white clothing and headcovering), physical prep with a warm up (a few
exercises… can be a morning routine evoking the basic elements, or intuitively following what the body wants to do, stretch legs and warm up the spine). We should hydrate well before, to be conductive for the energy flow. Simply put, center yourself into a present moment to dwell in the temple of your body, in your own preferred way.

If you cannot connect at the exact starting time, you can still participate in the meditation, preferably a little later, rather than sooner, after
the circle has already been virtually created and strengthened by a common purpose and the crystal, which I use for this specific purpose.

2. At 11.10 am Tune in with the mantras:

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo - chanted 3 times
(Invocation of the Inner Master)


Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guray Devay Nameh
- chanted 3 times

(Connection to the TRUTH of the ages, or a quantum field beyond time and space, that brings not only protection, but also magnetic radiance,
projection, i.e. attraction)

3. At 11:15 am we usually start with a synchronization meditation, which I provide to the participants of that particular circle in writing,
no later than a night before the meditation day.

4. It is followed by either time to relax and reflect, or with another meditation practice, depending on the energy constellations and what comes from the Quantum Field i.e. the Higher Consciousness. So far, it has usually been Kundalini kriya meditation.

5. For about another 10 minutes we remain in silent meditation and listen to what comes to us.

6. We close the circle around 12:00 pm with chanting long Sat Nam 3 times.

7. Each participant records what s/he has experienced and posts the sharing, ideally right away, so it does not fade and we still remember vividly. We don't tell anyone else, not even a family member, because at that moment, this sharing loses its unique energy charge, and the other person's energy/prana attaches to it.

Sharing and reflections from the past circles were wonderful and inspiring. It is important, that what each of us shares, comes without taking an opportunity to talk to others, or read their posts, so that we do not influence each other. That is why we record them immediately, independently and honestly, even if we do the meditation itself as a
couple, or with a friend in shared environment. The integrity of a specific circle is built on the authenticity of each individual's experience.
Even if you haven't experienced anything, post your sharing just by saying "I've been there, and I had nothing to share”…or … “I was there, but this time I'll keep sharing to myself”….or… ”After all I could not participate”… so that we have a reference, what has happened on the physical plane, and will be able to compare “the Etheric Realm” accordingly.

After, when reading the sharing of others, it may become more clear to you, that something was there, what you did not pay attention to, or just didn't attach any importance, and suddenly it rises up in your own awareness. These are all important data to add to the forum, so that we can connect and combine a full mosaic.
All these posts will be held on a community portal, a closed confidential circle of the given Full or New Moon on the SUTRA, where you will become a member. This initial posting opens up a following discussion and comparison of experiences, which requires your consent to share your identity with other members of the group. We enter the circle with the commitment that: WHAT COMES INTO THE CIRCLE ALSO REMAINS WITHIN THIS CIRCLE. In our posts/sharings, we share messages that do
not have to be verbal, they can be encoded into images, perceptions, feelings, memories, dream visions; permutations and combinations are

8. The circle ends with a FINAL SUMMARY and highlighting of themes, symbols, and commonalities, usually a few days before the energies of the next lunar encounter begin. Until now, it was a task for me, and that may change as our co-creation evolves further. This will be published on the SUTRA portal, and on the physical plane, I will return the crystal (the center point of our energetic constellation) back to Nature for clearing and purification.

9. As a BONUS for these circles, a ZOOM meeting will be offered to the participants of that particular confidential group, a few days later, where
sharing can deepen our perceptions, and the integration into this dimension of being may find its support, guidance, and mutual reflection in others. Whenever we meet in this way, a magical mix of a Medicine for everyone involved spontaneously emerges. This meeting will take place only if there is a sufficient interest and it is not a condition of your participation in telepathic meditation itself.

The lunar circles will be held for Canadian and Slovak participants in time synchrony (11 am Canadian and 8 pm Slovak time).
However, ZOOM circles will be held separately for each group, as well as sharing portals on SUTRA will be held separately and named differently due to language difference.



1. Agreement to follow the Protocol for Practicing Kundalini Yoga;
2. Keeping a promise of confidentiality and personal integrity;
3. Knowledge of the basic principles of Kundalini yoga and meditation (previous practice and direct experience is a must);
4. Openness and availability to share and compare experiences;
5. Consent with the etiquette and culture of speech on the SUTRA portal.

Often, the techniques that come to our meditation circle, appeal to or inspire participants to continue with them, preferably and at least until the next lunar encounter. In order to perform the meditations correctly, I will record my personal practice on video/audio, and share it with you for your subsequent reference.

If this resonates with you, please:
Apply for a membership in this virtual circle of TELEPATHIC CO-CREATION by email, which does not oblige you to participate in every circle. As a member, you agree with the etiquette and shared agreements of this group, follow the Protocol of Kundalini Yoga, and agree to share your identity on the SUTRA portal. You can also enter the circle under your spiritual or chosen name, however, for myself, as an administrator is important to know your true/legal identity.

Then you will confirm your participation in a specific circle at least one day before Full or New Moon. The next one is on Jan 13, 2021 at 11 am.

Based on this registration, you will gain an access to the meditations and instructions for a particular Moon Circle, as well as the follow up video/audio and sharing circle, on SUTRA.

Your financial contribution for the organization and beholding of circles will be gratefully received and it is not a condition for your participation! If you are in position to donate, please send e-transfer to I leave the assessment of the amount to you.
EVERYONE, with a sincere wish to participate, and who is not in position to provide in return, is welcome. Your and our common energy is the most valuable contribution it can be! It is an honour to add it to the raising awareness and growing LIGHT on Planet EARTH :-)

Let’s meet in Ethers! I'm looking forward to US as CO-CREATORS.
Please ask what else you need to know at

Sat Nam,
Jana / GBK / Modrana

You may check a demonstration of my personal meditation practice in virtual Lunar circle from December 2020, which is, however, in Slovak






                                  a hatchery for Self-Mastery within Great Mystery

                                    Beyond therapy, yoga and transformation



11 brilliant women

ready to conceive - achieve - believe
and actively participate at this not pre-designed program
but pre-conceived in our destiny mission on Planet Earth.

No more passive awaiting, hoping and praying for
now birthing, collaborating and co-creating
with Great Mystery and through Her most potent practices

of Kundalini Yoga, Pranic, Shamanic and Quantum techniques
for human transformation and self-actualization
supporting the shift from dependence to autonomy and communion.

In feminine principles of inter-dependence
emerge anew as a true Power Partner
and embraced these unprecedented Times
in co-creation and reciprocation
reaching up to the highest potential
beyond forms, expectations and imaginations…

…because You are the 1 you have been looking for
and in multiplication of 11 women
within the time frame of 11 weeks
harnessing the quantum wave of 01-21-2021

we shall start a new chapter of self-initiation and continual growth.

This is not about the effort but the FLOW
no competition but re-calibration and mutual magnification
energetically woven just right for this confidential circle constellation
coming out from isolation and shining bright in courageous determination.

We no longer wait for the right circumstances forming around,

we manifest the forms for our deepest and highest soul desires
from inside out together as 1 for Mother Earth and All our Relations

be it, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru!


This Circle of TRUST can serve you as a cozy, potent and nourishing incubating environment for the greatest GIFT of INNER STABILITY and STRENGTH, despite outer chaos. I feel it inside ME, and sincerely wish to amplify and multiply this felt sense of inner peace, trust, grounding, gratitude, and celebration of the Times in active co-creation with YOU! 



How does it look in a practical sense?


On 01-21-2021 we will form a sacred geometry - a circle of participants in the quantum field with initial ceremony and meditation practice.


Every week there will be LIVE streaming (replay available) Kundalini Capsule practice. That is energetic initiation for that particular week via ZOOM Portal, where you will be practicing Kundalini Yoga just like at a yoga class, only enriched and complemented with more than that.


After a few days we will follow up with interractive ZOOM meeting circle, which is a great medicine by itself. Laser coaching, sharing, mirroring, and co-creating within this Circle of TRUST.


There will be a virtual KUNDALINI INCUBATOR circle on SUTRA portal, where videos, audios, kriyas, meditations, practices, and other materials will be posted and accessible. There will be a sharing forum, where you can actively participate or just peek in when you feel like.


Each week you will have "a sister", who will hold a mirror for you and you will mutually keep each other on track, accountable, responsible, available, visible, actively growing and evolving.


I will be your partner-sister for one week and offer coaching and mentorship in any way you may need or welcome.


Set of shared values and mutual agreement of confidentiality shall assure our safe container and comfortable space to be heard, seen, appreciated and celebrated exactly as you already are.


This circle is not for everyone, and if it sparks your interest, I will welcome your application with a few words about you, your intention, and the outcome you would like to see at the end of this journey together.


Claim your spot now at

with a response of resonance from your heart to mine


Start date:  01-21-2021

Due date for registration: Jan 11, 2020

Investment of $1,111 available for instal

Why is this program affordable and of a great value?


One therapy/coaching/private session costs you $185.

In this format you will receive two group sessions per week, audio recordings, many handouts and creative materials, and one week of personal coaching/mentoring with me for slightly over $100.


Why would you choose me as your guide for this journey?


If you have already experienced my style of work, you may attest that I am blessed with a gift of holding a strong container for transformational work and rebirthing. My commitment, determination, self-discipline, focus, and devotion to the path is a part of my true nature. I walk my talk for over 20 years and apply it on self-healing and sustaining growth through many different approaches and traditions. The supernatural comes as natural to me. The invisible and visible threads of parallel realities connect in my consciousness easily and spontaneously. I am curious, adventurous, playful, and ready to embrace any challenge from the place of inner peace, and acceptance of our differences. I welcome the Great Mystery, the Unknown, from a humble place of reverence and ready-to-serve presence, with as much integrity, stability, and flexibility as I am capable of in my own perfect imperfection. Holding the paradox of this dual world remains a challenge for all of us. Therefore, this circle is not about my leadership, wisdom, or coaching skills. IT IS ABOUT ALL OF US AS EQUALS FORMING THIS SACRED CIRCLE of LIGHT. Because to truly become ME happens within a tribe, where the others hold a mirror for my gifts and shadows in a loving manner. Then I can begin to appreciate MYSELF for WHAT I AM. There is enough of ME within ME, and if you are looking for YOU within YOU, my perception of circles of TRUST can serve you as a cozy, potent and nourishing incubating environment for giving a birth to your higher template.






Personal reset 2020 continues with the Planetary Reset

Time is Now: December 20-2020



Turn off your television
Turn on your inner vision


An invitation to LIVE STREAMING KUNDALINI CAPSULE invigorating your inner senses via breath, kriya, mantra, meditation, kundalini activation and GENERATING LIGHT IN CELEBRATION OF SOLSTICE 2020.

This is non-interactive ZOOM connection, where you will be muted and in the receiving mode only

Prepare as you would for a regular yoga class: create space for sitting, standing, or lying position. Dim your lights, have your water handy, and observe the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga practice.

You can opt out from the video, so you will not show up on the screen for other participants. 

Choose “speaker view” on your upper right side of the Zoom screen, so that you can see me clearly.


If you cannot participate at the given time, I can send you a link for a REPLAY after the live event, which you will be able to use whenever you wish in the format of Youtube video.


TIME: 120 minutes of re-visiting and reflecting on  the initial intention for this year from January 2020 and supporting planetary sangat in the Final RESET of 2020

WHEN: LIVE on SUNDAY DEC-20-2020 at the 20-st hour of the day (8pm) or REPLAY whenever you choose to do this personal practice

WHERE: In the coziness of our homes through ZOOM online application, or in form of Youtube video in replay later. 

In this virtual space and in a subtle way, we will still nourish our community connection, and mutuality in growing awareness, “riding the same wave in the quantum field”. 


HOW: A Protocol for Kundalini Yoga applies for your safe and effective participation. 

If you share an enclosed link with others in your network, make sure they follow and understand the Protocol

as this practice has a powerful energetic impact and can have unpredictable effects, if done under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or with severe health issues. 

If done LIVE in the evening, prepare to continue in a dream state of being and go directly to bed, or enjoy a salt bath and self-pampering after.

If done as a REPLAY, leave some open space to be just with yourself and have some rest at home or outside in nature.


WHY: Meeting the Times with courage, curiosity, and co-creation. This is my contribution to the community and the Collective

in service from a sense of LOVE, belonging, and genuine care. Here is also a quick sampler, in the form of Youtube video, 

which can be used anytime as a warm up, or an energetic centering and grounding: Kundalini sampler


Point of entry: your curiosity and a call to self-actualize


Point of departure: fulfilled, restored, relaxed, enriched, and empowered


Contribution: by donation to balance an energy exchange.

I honour the hardship of times for many, and if you are unable to contribute financially, please, shine and contribute to the Collective by your own personal LIGHT and LOVING KINDNESS. 

If you are in position to provide, then a suggested donation of $20 by e-transfer to will be gratefully accepted.


Registration:  not necessary as the link and event access is provided freely. 

However, if you choose to do the practice later, then I need to hear from you with your request for a new link.


VIDEO LINK for a replay from Friday Nov 20, 2020:



In gratitude, excitement and joy, 





Personal reset 2020 continues with the Planetary Reset Time is Now!


I am calling all of you, strong and caring women of our community, with whom I have a privilege to navigate this realm, we call Life. Please consider to gather during this coming


New Moon of July 20, 2020 at evening hour of 20:00

with sunset by oceanside at Lantzville

to pronounce our voice as women standing for the Earth and all her beings.

I wish to share with you my communication with my elder and guide, which sparks an inspiration in me to send out this call. This man is a jewel on my path to embody qualities of a woman during this time of the return of Divine Feminine. I asked him for guidance regarding technology of 5G and our emergence as beings of the Aquarian Age. This is his response:

Let's start with me quoting you: "I remember that "Love does not protect us from anything, but sustains us through everything”. And, there is a missing piece..."

Yes, dear granddaughter, there is a missing piece. As the Medicine women started saying at the turn of this century, and now are saying even more often, sometimes poignantly, sometimes with fire, "Now more than ever women must have a voice, a voice of women, not trying to duplicate the voice of men." Recently, I was talking with an elder, and she said this: "The Great Mystery does not cause our suffering. The Great Mystery is IN our suffering, and endures the worst than humanity offers, so as to transform it." She went on to say that the transformation happens through us, if we allow ourselves to be "used". And, part of being "used" is having a voice, without taking a side, a voice that is not hostile or passive. A voice that has a "yes" to the Spirit in us all, and a "no" to doing harm, to anything or anyone. Blackfeet wisdom holders

If this resonates with you, and you are comfortable to create a half-moon circle with our dear Ocean, please, get back to me and I will send you details about our New Moon ritual and meditation.

If this resonates with you, and would rather prefer a more intimate environment to connect with your blueprint of a fierce feminine, using passion and compassion, love and kindness, clear yes and no, to shape her own destiny, family, and ultimately the whole universe, please, connect with me. I now have a garden gazebo, where I receive clients to satisfy current demands for preserving health and the peace of mind.


If this does not resonate with you, I trust this message finds you well and happy, because you have your own field of resonance, based on Love and Light:-)

Namaste, Sat Nam,

Jana on July 9, 2020

I welcome you to the outdoor circles, where we can gather, empower and support each other, bring our best intentions, prayers and sparks of healing hearts together in support of all Humanity, our Mother Earth and All Our Relations. Out in Nature, we can commune with vital primary elements and still pay our due diligence to the health protocols around Corona Virus. For this, you are kindly asked to deliver yourself to the beach or forest in healthy state of being, remain at a distance from others, wear boots for the beach or hiking shoes for the forest, bring a blanket to sit down, water to drink, and pack it all in a backpack, so your hands and fingers and available for energy work, or finger work with mudras.


We will engage in breath, movement, and different forms of meditation. We will work with earth/water/air pranas; with Earth, Water, Tree and Air Spirits; and use the techniques of Kundalini Yoga, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Pranic Healing for our grounding, balancing, healing, and well-being.


Testimonial March 25, 2020:


 I am very grateful to Jana for creating two very special outdoor experiences in which I participated this month, March 2020. The overall effect of the outdoor sessions is a deep sense of well-being from connecting with nature both at the beach and in the forest. With mindfulness and gratitude for the elements of Mother Earth, Jana created a sense of deep connection with nature, tapping into the healing power of the earth, water, air, sunlight, and trees. I experienced healing on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The effects are subtle and words do not describe the lightness I felt after having started out with some pain, stress and grief in my body. I felt grounded, balanced and uplifted. Jana very effectively uses Kundalini Yoga movements, breathing, chanting and meditation to hold a space and time for the energies of nature to give us a true sense of well-being for ourselves and for the world. This is the time to be outdoors, with appropriate physical distance between us of course, in small groups with Jana's guidance to heal ourselves and Mother Earth.


With deep gratitude,

Mary, Nanaimo, BC



Here are the next few offerings:

  • Outdoor therapy/coaching for individual clients, meeting your personal needs by content, location, and time of the day – 2 hours for $185, may claim through extended medical. In case you are not well for outside, I can offer Skype or ZOOM online sessions.
  • Outdoor Transformational Life Coaching/Kundalini Awakening/Therapy circles for small groups upon your demand: invite your relatives/friends, propose time, date and place, and I will do my best to create a genuine experience for all of you.
  • Outdoor counselling – for individual clients, while walking outdoors and blending with elements we can discuss your challenges and options, turn your curse into opportunity, step out from the Inner Victim into Inner Warrior, and set yourself up for a Hero Journey, meeting the call of your soul. I may propose or meet your personal choice for a location and time. 2 hours for $185, may be claimed through your extended medical.

Be well and keep you Spirit high. We are the Ones we have been waiting for!

In humble service,

Jana Ziman/Guru Bhai Kaur



Any repair of our fractured world must start with individuals who have the insight and courage to own their own shadow. Nothing “out there” will help if the interior projecting mechanism of humankind is operating strongly. The tendency to see one’s shadow “out there” in one’s neighbour or in another race or culture [….or a virus….I add] is the most dangerous aspect of the modern psyche.” From Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert A. Johnson


My Future Self as an Ally alias Myself as an Ally of the Future


This theme comes to me ever since we were restrained to our homes in return to our Inner Selves.


Down deep we all know, yet, how often do we go “down deep”?


In this sense, our current job (when many jobs were lost), as individuals and the collective, is NOW more important than ever before! Long past due, we are taking a pause and observe. Or do we? Many give their power and such unique opportunity away, and again let others to observe for them instead, and feed it to their senses through mass media. If I cannot control myself, then other people control me!


In this slower pace, can we possibly hear that ancient voice reminding, recalling, remembering, pointing toward  “my future self as my ally of the present time” and questioning:

What am I creating and where does it lead?

What have I created so far and how much happiness, beauty, fulfillment, health and peace it has generated within my family and environment?

What am I broadcasting in my mind and what kind of waves/ripples does it create in the quantum Field?

What do I project through my inner imagery – is it beautiful and life-giving, or, is it disastrous and scary?

Given that there is only NOW, am I creating my and our future right now as a reflection of my hopes, dreams, and philosophy of Life, serving my mission on this planet as a being of Light?


In the circles, which I held earlier this year, we were leaping into the Personal Reset 2020 having no idea, what was emerging just a few weeks later in such a grand scale! We finished the weekend intensive at the Bethlehem Centre with a slogan: “we can create our own, highly infectious “virus”, made of Light, Love, and unshakable Trust in Divine Grace and Providence”. In our last small circle of Healing Hearts in March, where we respectfully used essential oils to sanitize our hands and space within the circle, we left with a theme: “What does it take to embrace Covid-19, include it in our circle, and invite it as our ally?” This serves as an example, that even if we do not really know what we are doing, we are constantly co-creating in resonance with the Field.


For some of us, this is quite natural approach, congruent with the principle of Unity of All. For others, it is mind boggling and unacceptable non-sense. I now write this to you, with the appeal to choose your Heart, and let it inform the intelligence of your mind, which is desperately seeking answers. The ancient ones are suggesting that this process of dismantling our illusionary and non-sustainable existence may take 5-6 years. Human ego awaits return to the known and comfortable ways of being. Human Spirit knows how foolish this lure truly is.


Where are you at, and how do you accommodate the tools of Yoga, the great technology of union, within your personal unfolding? What is your truth, Sat Nam, which you vibrate with every blink of your eye, every thought and feeling? What is your share, which works like “continuous election”: am I choosing life and beauty, or am I feeding fear and destruction? One may object – who am I to make any difference? 


I am a particle of the WHOLE, Indra’s Net, the hologram of life. In my Inner Universe I can instantly create a shift: with a single emotion causing “butterflies” in my stomach, or a spark of joy in my heart accompanied by deep breath and song. Are we singing and celebrating the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth, whom was given a time to catch her breath with us, cheerfully blossoming and healing?


I hear “yes, yes, yes” in my ever hopeful heart! As I am celebrating and dancing with Shiva, dance of “G-enerating+O-rganizing+D-estroying, and D-elivering once again, this message to my fellow sisters and brothers:



This celebration is shared, with many simultaneous voices, sprouting from the Unknown like mushrooms, multiplying and gaining attention of this new Spring of Humanity, perhaps our last chance to vote for LIFE. See the resources below. And back to John Lennon: All we are saying is to give peace a chance…PEACE, as of now, dwells within the NATURE. How awesome we are here on Vancouver Island with taking many proactive steps – check out Earth Day festival videos streaming from Victoria below. 


How lucky we are to live the prophecies of Aquarian Age and witnessing the teachings to materialize in front of our very eyes! How auspicious that lost Incas returned, that Columbian Mamos descended from the mountains, White Eagle Spoke, Condor joins the Eagle, Hopi Prophecies are manifesting and yogic scriptures again and again humble our technocratic pride, “how smart and advanced we became”. All with the same message in its core: Wake up!


Holding the paradox of current times in my heart, I decided to follow my once un-tangible dreamy aspirations: telephatic connections. It arose from a hidden blessing, that I could not travel to Slovakia in mid-March and physically hold circles there. Instead, we started to gather at New and Full Moons in Ethers, with wonderful and profoundly healing outcomes. My studies of yoga, transpersonal psychotherapy and shamanism are blossoming anew. My aspirations for “outdoor therapy” are supported by the motion of the Times. I aspire to connect directly, with no intermediates (gurus, priests, doctors, shamans, healers, psychics…). The SOURCE of ALL that IS calls us to dare and plug-in fully with no doubts! 


Should this call you, I welcome you as allies, to polish our hearts together, to remember our infinite capacities, and step-by-step manifest them in our daily lives, which ultimately leads to transformation of our dear Planet Earth into happy and healthy place to be.

Sat Nam, Namaste, All My Relations,

Jana Ziman c/o Anahata Yoga&Healing





Earth Day Festival videos:


Baba’s message, Corona Virus 2020: Heal Your Relationship with Self, Others, & Nature, is available here:


Film festival:


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After my Vision Quest in the high lands of Bolivia I feel revitalized, empowered, and inspired to serve you again. Read more HERE.



We are at significant times on our dear planet Earth, when the energetic signature of every individual matters! Any effective support for the Mind-Body-Heart temple, from where the Soul is witnessing surrounding chaos, is of utmost importance. It is not going to slow down or settle until new forms for sustainable planetary survival emerge. Meanwhile, we are free to create peace within and slow down the mind onto a point of sweet clarity, with the all-embracing principle of Love/Light, which in yoga we call shunyia. The Aquarian Age offers a wide smorgasbord of practices for doing just that! My recent experience with two Bolivian shamans practicing Kundalini mantras in recognition of its powerful effects, is one of many examples of how lucky we are in the age of the World Wide Web, free to reach for the best!




Here is the best I can offer in the upcoming 2,5 months of my service in Canada. I invite you into a cozy and intimate environment by a crackling fireplace, where we have experienced many magical empowering circles already. The space is limited and timelines are short, so if you feel the call, get back to me right away. If interested, I am available for individual sessions indoor, or outdoor until mid-March. January workshops at the Bethlehem Retreat are handled exclusively by them. There is energy building up for more retreats/vision quests in Canada or abroad. Please ask if that catches your curiosity.




Thank you all for participating on Anahata Yoga & Healing 2019's programs, or doing your own personal Light work elsewhere. Much gratitude!


With sincere wishes for our best in 2020 in the highest interest of Mother Earth, all Creation and All My Relations. Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, Namaste.




A series of programs especially for those who:


- feel like “enough is enough” and are ready to move on;

- dare to tackle complacency or incongruence;

- are ready to stand up to the Inner Saboteur or Inner Victim;

- are happy to infuse their new ventures with the inflow of fresh ideas;

- wish to grow further and expand beyond pre-conceived ideas;

- want to support their sanity, clarity, and creativity;

- are curious about the Self-Sensory Human state of being;

- are determined to finally manifest their dreams and visions.



Opportunities in different formats to receive benefits from this transformative personal work:


1. Saturday 01-11-2020 from 9.00 am - 9.00 pm: One day intensive at Bethlehem Retreat Centre(vegetarian lunch and dinner included)

Testimonial of Jan 16, 2020:

I attended The Kundalini Personal Reset yoga workshop last Saturday at Bethlehem Retreat Centre. What a wonder- filled day, in so many ways!

I knew Jana as a teacher, so I already honoured her amazing energy and teaching. I have been feeling deeply affected by the happenings in the world of late, and realized I would benefit from a reset, a day of practice, and Jana’s dedicated energy. I signed up. 

Better than I had even planned for, we harmoniously practiced, shared, chanted, learned, danced, walked and revitalized. The food at Bethlehem was so remarkable, we all commented and fully enjoyed. The circle of practitioners was delightful, some even surprising themselves. They ranged from 19-93: all fully engaged. 

I went home and registered for the upcoming weekend of practice with Jana. 

Please register now, so I will get to practice next weekend with Jana, again. I know I will benefit, and I feel confident you will. 

I bow, 

Maggy MacDonald, grateful yoga practitioner



2. Monday 01-20-2020: 4-hour workshop in Lantzville from 6.00pm: a mini version of the one day intensive of Jan 11, 2020

Registration: at
Contribution: $50


3.POSTPONED from Jan 24-26 to Friday February 28 – Sunday March 1, 2020 - A weekend intensive at Bethlehem Retreat Centre(vegetarian meals included and optional accommodation provided)
Registration: at Bethlehem Retreat Centre

A weekend intensive with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, IBP Transformational Body Work, Pranic and Earth Based Practices. Where mystery and practicality meet: An experiential journey inside and outside.


4. Sunday 02-02-2020: One day intensive in Lantzville – indoors and outdoors starting at 10:00 am until 6:00 pm (bring your own lunch)                    

Registration: at
Contribution: $100  


5. Thursday 02-20-2020: 4-hour workshop in Lantzville from 6.00pm

Registration: at
Contribution: $50   




Winter Series 2020:


1. Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Transformational Life Coaching – 8 weeks

on Tuesdays Jan 21 – March 10 from 6.00 – 9.00 pm in Lantzville

Registration: at
Contribution: $260 pre-registered for 8 sessions or $35 drop-in if space permits  (limited to 6 participants) 


2. Women’s Circle of Trust: Healing Hearts – bi-weekly on Thursdays from Jan 30 till March 12, 2020 – 4 sessions from 6.00 – 10.00 pm in Lantzville

Registration: at
Contribution: $200 pre-registered for 4 sessions (prefered for five  women who can attend all scheduled meetings, and open for a single circle if space permits)


3. Women’s Moon Meditation Gatherings: Sundays Feb 9 and 23, 2020, and March 9, 2020 - 3 sessions from 6.00 – 10.00 pm in Lantzville

Registration: at

Contribution: $130 pre-registered for 3 sessions or $50 drop-in if space permits  (limited to 6 participants) 



Paid fees for group sessions may be claimed through your extended medical as this falls within my RCC clinical private practice. Besides individual Integrative Body Psychotherapy sessions I am also available for:


Transformational life coaching

Kundalini Awakening and Ascension support

Coaching with elements: dynamic outdoor sessions

Honoring special occasions/Rite of Passage/Rituals and ceremonies

resourcing in perennial wisdom traditions


This dynamic group work delivers a creative spark, deep insight, fuel for envisioning, and stamina for delivering. When you become aware and awake, the path of transformation and manifestation opens for you. Learn tools which you can apply in relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and at your workplace. Discover that you can meet the challenges from a place of inner power and move through life with ease and joy.

What to expect:

• Breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
• Grounding and "earthing" practices;
• Ways of directing kundalini energy for purposes of purification, activation, and energizing;
• Exploring energetic boundaries - depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
• Mantra as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels;
• Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

From Yogi Bhajan’s Humanology: “Just imagine a world in which people act from their intuition and consciousness instead of from impulse and ego. We need to stimulate the prefrontal cortex, develop the old brain and hypothalamus to enrich our senses, balance the smooth collaboration between our brain hemispheres, and develop the higher glands to give us the subtlety to read between the lines and to see the future in the seeds of the present.”

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies for all these circles. This workshops are for men (except moon gatherings and Healing Hearts) and women, no age, state or shape matters. Your curiosity is most welcome.





SHOULD YOU FEEL like hosting events or gatherings as seen above or below for small groups at your place,


In this "wandering stage" of my life I welcome opportunities to expand out and hold space for Earth healing circles in different communities.



A one-day workshop offering practical tools for living awareness and applied consciousness.

Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or “school” of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. The integration of transpersonal experiences into daily life can often present a challenge to clients working with unconventional modalities or altered states of consciousness and to therapists concerned about the optimum outcome for their clients. Yet it is the integration of the experience and not the experience itself where the real work of healing takes place. Working with somatically based practices of Kundalini Yoga, energetic boundaries, and self awareness, this workshop will offer practical tools for clients and therapists alike.

We will create a sacred space where small objects of special importance are welcome with you, as well as your Spirit Guides and Ancestors. With set intention we will begin our journey of self-exploration. The morning practice will be dedicated to Kundalini Yoga, which awakens vitality and a sense of aliveness in the body. It is suitable for all age, body, gender, state or shape. Known as Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini offers a unique blend of breathing techniques, kriyas, meditation, mantra and deep relaxation.

In the afternoon, we will explore energetic boundaries, using body as a sensor, techniques for grounding, self-awareness, inner peace and stability. Prepare for outdoors should weather permit. Allow flexible timing at the end for the closing circle. Journals, blankets and meditation pillows come handy. Dress in layers, ideally in loose and natural clothing. A water bottle and consistent hydration is a must for an optimal outcome. This group is limited to 12 people.

Jana understands from her own life that illness, major challenge, or shift can serve as a true blessing and become a portal to awakening. Jana holds many degrees and certificates, but nothing bears more value to her than a direct experience, integration of practices into daily life, and a practical ways of walking the talk. She is passionate to share simple approaches in various communities around the world. Her main resources are Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, IBP – Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Earth based practices. Her studies and experiences in transpersonal field, world spiritual traditions, plant medicines, shamanism, Medicine Wheel, Ayurveda, etc. all confirm for her the same: Life is a somatic experience. The physical body is a very sophisticated tool for the soul to learn how to be a human and live a vital, meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone is equipped to do so, because our true essence is of Love and Light. There are no enemies, only tough teachers. Jana’s dynamic and graceful style of establishing Body-Home for the Soul under any life circumstances delivers assurance, empowerment, gratitude, and creative spark to invent one’s own user manual for a human body.




The Alchemy of Flexible Perseverance


Teachings about a Transhuman, a sensory being with new ways of perceiving, is part of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on Humanology. With Ascension Workshop series, we are going to explore authentic relationships with Self, others, and Creation.

Suitable for all - no concerns about age, gender, state or shape.

The intention of these events is to create a sacred circle and bring to the "central altar" your special objects, intentions, hopes, dreams, plans, fears, doubts and worries. Then observe what transpires within and without as we practice together.

The nature of the human psyche and healthy living form Yogi Bhajan's teachings of Humanology. Techniques used in this lineage of Kundalini Yoga come from ancient times of sages, seers, healers and other masters presenting "supernatural powers". Even now these practices effectively help individuals attain a profoundly elevated state of being and mental excellence. All true growth in the physical and spiritual realms begin from a place of great clarity, mental and emotional stability. It remains critical to establish and cultivate a stable and clear foundation for the human psyche. Then we are free and safe to explore, develop and refine our skills in exploration of the higher realms of consciousness, or in other words, the current ascension into high frequencies of fast dynamic universal flow.

Attend this workshop to practice sacred kriyas, meditations, ways or purification, relaxation, mind control, and supportive lifestyle. Your guide on this journey will be Jana Ziman/Guru Bhai Kaur - certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, RCC - IBP therapist, and transformational life coach.











Four 3-hour Workshops with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Awareness Enhancement with the World Perennial Wisdom Practices



In our culture a regular attention to the Divine diminished dramatically. The separation of mundane and Sacred has grown, human hearts are quieted by monkey minds, contemplative silence is replaced by constant surface chatter, and human beings are burdened with sorrow, guilt, grief, desperation and loss of hope. This is our daily reality, when there is a time shortage and overload of various involvements, which takes away opportunities to deepen our soul connection. Materially abundant cultures suffer with innermost emptiness and a hunger for deeper meaning and joy. This collective energy has transmuted the most revered holidays in Christianity – Christmas and Easter – into materially indulgent happenings, where the essence of the Spirit is less significant. Where is the Sacred?


Our circle forms to deliver inspiration how to create more space for the Sacred. We will immerse into ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breath-work, mantra and self-awareness. Teachings from Christianity, Sufism, Sikhism, Taoism, Buddhism, and other world-wide spiritual practices are welcome to be placed on the energetic altar of this gathering. The aim is to take home some hints and practical tools to help us infuse even the most Spirit resisting environments with a spark of reverence to the Great Mystery, and navigate through the “material rat-race” with lightness, humour, and grace.


With dawn of the New Year 2018, we will expand our gratitude consciousness and embrace the dark polarity with the same tenderness as the one we all prefer. The essence and energetic frequency of gratitude is of “the most fertile soil” to plant the seeds for the new beginnings.  Bring all your wounds, disappointments, sorrows, grudges, betrayals, confusion, despair, regrets, shame, fears and doubts into a cauldron in the middle of this circle and observe what transpires when you choose to let go and forgive. “For-giving” is the most liberating act of self-reverence and reflects our trust in the highest purpose of all the lessons in this “University of Life”. Sacred practices of yoga, mind control, body-heart-mind connection loop, deep relaxation and sound healing are tools to employ during this series.


In the highest vibration, “Gratitude”, we shall intentionally and consciously weave the Sacred into our daily lives, homes, work-places, ways of eating, bathing, breathing, walking, talking, listening, creating… The circle will hold each of us in rapport, inspiration and trust. In simple little steps we will illuminate that part of ourselves, which we secretly hold sacred, because once we perhaps used to be shamed for its natural expression, or never had opportunities to set it free. This is the time of the Aquarian Age, when all dogmas and expressions false to the pure essence of Love and Compassion fall away and evaporate like a morning mist. And WE are, in our individuality and togetherness, the means of this change for the humanity. We are the hands, legs, eyes, ears, tongues, minds and hearts of the Almighty.


I trust that this invitation touches your heart enough that you will choose to invest your time and energy into this noble cause. The preference is to form a solid group enabling us to create a strong container for shining bright, and in our vibratory frequency add to many other Light-workers around the planet. Should you feel called to form a “solid brick” of this Lighthouse, please, register for the whole series. If the life circumstances do not allow you, feel free to attend a single event. All are welcome – no age, gender, state or shape is in the way of your participation. The only requirement is following the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga practice, which you can read Here.



Deepening Your Understanding of IBP Principles through Kundalini Yoga and Perennial Wisdom Traditions
with Jana Ziman


Register at   Phone for inquiries: 250-716-6753


In this 3 day intensive workshop (indoor and outdoor) the aim is to connect your understanding of IBP core principles with your sensory awareness (felt sense in the body). We will cover energetic boundaries, character style and agency through dynamic interactive group activities that will expand your consciousness while blending with elements.

Transpersonal component will be enhanced through creation of a sacred space, connecting to our ancestors, working with epigenetics: embracing, releasing, forgiving and establishing a state of gratitude.

Enhancement of your personal healing and professional skills is an active component in this gathering. Your Inner Child will receive attention and opportunity to express his/her true nature. Times of serious engagement, mindfulness, and playful foolishness will weave in a wide spectrum of activities.

What to expect:
• Kundalini Yoga: breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
• Grounding practices: providing safety for an expanded consciousness - supporting nervous and glandular system, and holding a steady anchor;
• Ways of directing kundalini energy for the purpose of energizing,
purification, release, and activation of new patterns;
• Exploring energetic boundaries – depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
• Rhythm of body-mind-heart alignment; integration of practices into daily routines, which leads to personal integrity, walking the talk;
• Mantra or affirmation as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels (good parent messages and agency mantras in broader perspective);
• Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

Each participant brings his/her own essence, adding into an alchemy of this gathering. For that, our program will vary and we will go with a natural flow and trust in what transpires and where energies direct us.

The basic framework:
Starting Friday evening: 6-9 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm
               1-2 lunch
               2-6 pm indoor/outdoor activities
               6-7 pm dinner
               7-9 pm evening session
Sunday: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Meals are not included and can be purchased in Cedrick's cafe, which is connected to the Forum.

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies (no alcohol, drugs and heavy medication at least one day before and after the weekend). This group is limited to 12 people, men and women, no age, state, or shape matters. Please apply with a short explanation of what calls you to participate.


For other special events, gatherings or retreats please check the

    Special events and Retreats page.









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