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Kundalini: Where Mystery and Practicality meet



This course comes as an inspiration and preparation for the summer season, when we have opportunities to merge deep with natural elements more often. We will explore practical tools of Kundalini teachings from different angles, and expand your awareness of how to incorporate simple techniques for reducing anxiety, stress and mental tension into your daily routines.

Learn easy practices for inducing a meditative state, vitality, grounding presence, and relaxation. Equip yourself with tools to meet emotional challenges, stabilize the mind, and overcome fears, phobias, or addictions. Become clear, focused and in command of the higher consciousness within you. Let this process release physical symptoms that may be troubling you and expand your horizons with new healing possibilities.

What to expect:

  • Breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
  • Grounding and "earthing" practices outdoors;
  • Ways of directing kundalini energy for purposes of purification, activation, and energizing;
  • Exploring energetic boundaries - depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
  • "Breathwalk", rhythm of body-mind alignment;
  • Mantra as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels;
  • Learning from trees, the plant kingdom, and waters, how to enhance one's own healing and adding to the healing of the world;
  • Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies for this circle. This group is limited to 6 people, suitable for men and women who are (in preference) available for all scheduled meetings. No age, state or shape matters, however, your comfort in natural environments is a must. Please apply with a short explanation what calls you to participate.


Where: Lantzville, BC - indoor and outdoor


When: Four Mondays staring with the New Moon on June 3 thru June 24, 2019 for 4 hours each, starting at 5.30 pm (some flexibility around dates and times to meet needs of all participants)


Registration:  at janaziman@shaw.ca until May 29th, 2019


Contribution: $300 for four 4-hour sessions prepaid payable by email transfer or cheque; $80 drop-in if space allows


Instructions: Will be sent upon your registration. Handouts and topic related materials will be provided after each session.





Circle of Trust: Healing Hearts 


The healing and transformational power of a circle of women gathering with the intention to create a safe and comfortable sacred space is beyond description. When shy souls emerge, and wounded hearts open, then all Angels and Ancestors celebrate, cheer and create mysterious portals for our path of ascension. That is why I cherish and value this work so much and hold a great passion and reverence for mediating such benevolence of Creation! 


In an intimate and comfortable environment, we will explore various yogic, meditative, therapeutic, and ancient ways how to hold ourselves in grace while we navigate twists, turns, and dead ends of the Labyrinth of Life.  As women used to sit together throughout the ages and share their wisdom, so shall we, in this emerging consciousness of the Aquarian Age. The building of group energy as we proceed through the series usually accelerates us in heightened awareness and sacred aspirations. Use of smudges, herbs, essential oils, and other natural remedies will be included. 


The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga and a confidentiality disclaimer apply for this circle. This is a closed confidential therapeutic group suitable only for women who are available for all scheduled meetings. Please apply with a short explanation of what calls you to participate. The Circle is limited to 5 women. Paid fees may be claimed through your extended medical as this falls within my RCC clinical private practice. 


Where: Lantzville, BC 

When: Four Thursdays, June 6 thru June 27, 2019 for 3.5 hours each starting at 12.30 pm - exact times may be fine-tuned by confirmed participants; there is also flexibility around the dates in favour of the regular presence of all serious aspirants. 

Registration:  at janaziman@shaw.ca until May 29, 2019 -  first come first serve  

Contribution: $300 for four 3.5-hour sessions payable by email transfer, cheque, or cash 

Instructions: Will be sent upon your registration.




Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Transformational life coaching

Kundalini Awakening and Ascension support

Coaching with elements: dynamic outdoor sessions


I will be open for individual sessions and booking appointments from June thru September 2019 in Lantzville, B.C. More information here.



Deepening Your Understanding of IBP Principles
through Kundalini Yoga and Perennial Wisdom Traditions
                            with Jana Ziman at the Forum


        June 7,8 & 9, 2019 1610 Joan Ave Crofton, BC (Space Behind Cedrick’s)


Register with the IBP Institute   Phone: 250-815-5241 or email: artist2u@mac.com


In this 3 day intensive workshop (indoor and outdoor) the aim is to connect your understanding of IBP core principles with your sensory awareness (felt sense in the body). We will cover energetic boundaries, character style and agency through dynamic interactive group activities that will expand your consciousness while blending with elements.

Transpersonal component will be enhanced through creation of a sacred space, connecting to our ancestors, working with epigenetics: embracing, releasing, forgiving and establishing a state of gratitude.

Enhancement of your personal healing and professional skills is an active component in this gathering. Your Inner Child will receive attention and opportunity to express his/her true nature. Times of serious engagement, mindfulness, and playful foolishness will weave in a wide spectrum of activities.

What to expect:
Kundalini Yoga: breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
• Grounding practices: providing safety for an expanded consciousness - supporting nervous and glandular system, and holding a steady anchor;
• Ways of directing kundalini energy for the purpose of energizing,
purification, release, and activation of new patterns;
• Exploring energetic boundaries – depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
• Rhythm of body-mind-heart alignment; integration of practices into daily routines, which leads to personal integrity, walking the talk;
• Mantra or affirmation as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels (good parent messages and agency mantras in broader perspective);
• Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

Each participant brings his/her own essence, adding into an alchemy of this gathering. For that, our program will vary and we will go with a natural flow and trust in what transpires and where energies direct us.

The basic framework:
Starting Friday evening: 6-9 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm
               1-2 lunch
               2-6 pm indoor/outdoor activities
               6-7 pm dinner
               7-9 pm evening session
Sunday: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies (no alcohol, drugs and heavy medication at least one day before and after the weekend). This group is limited to 12 people, men and women, no age, state, or shape matters. Please apply with a short explanation of what calls you to participate at janaziman@shaw.ca




Energetic Boundaries: Using Body as a Sensor
1 day seminar with Kundalini Yoga and IBP practices

For IBP students and non IBP participants

July 13, 2019

at the Forum, 1610 Joan Ave Crofton, B.C.(Space Behind Cedrick’s)


Register with the IBP Institute   Phone: 250-815-5241 or email: artist2u@mac.com


9:30 - 10:00 am Opening ceremony

10:00 am - 12:30pm Kundalini Yoga and meditation:
• Kundalini Yoga: breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
• Grounding practices: providing safety for an expanded consciousness - supporting nervous and glandular system, and holding a steady anchor;
• Ways of directing kundalini energy for the purpose of energizing, purification, release, and activation of new patterns;

12:30 -1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 - 2:00 pm Sharing Circle

2:00 -5:00 pm Energetic boundaries (indoor or outdoor):
Using IBP principles and group interactive practices for a sensory awareness; understanding of how we do life, creating safety zones, risking vulnerability, abandon or separate ourselves, and why we act in relationships as we do. You will gather many handy tools and hints how to turn your challenges into opportunities, how to infuse your magnetic field with a new sense of safety (in now adult body versus the old adopted program of your Inner Child), and how to use a simple techniques to grow and sustain your new state of conscious being.

5:00 -6:00 pm Final Sharing Circle and Closing ceremony

(be flexible with time in honour of coming in full circle and completing the alchemy of our creation together as a group)



Look up the following events at the Bethlehem Retreat Centre in Nanaimo or the Haven on Gabriola Island.


SHOULD YOU FEEL like hosting events or gatherings as seen above or below for small groups at your place, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

In this "wandering stage" of my life I welcome opportunities to expand out and hold space for Earth healing circles in different communities.



A one-day workshop offering practical tools for living awareness and applied consciousness.

Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or “school” of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. The integration of transpersonal experiences into daily life can often present a challenge to clients working with unconventional modalities or altered states of consciousness and to therapists concerned about the optimum outcome for their clients. Yet it is the integration of the experience and not the experience itself where the real work of healing takes place. Working with somatically based practices of Kundalini Yoga, energetic boundaries, and self awareness, this workshop will offer practical tools for clients and therapists alike.

We will create a sacred space where small objects of special importance are welcome with you, as well as your Spirit Guides and Ancestors. With set intention we will begin our journey of self-exploration. The morning practice will be dedicated to Kundalini Yoga, which awakens vitality and a sense of aliveness in the body. It is suitable for all age, body, gender, state or shape. Known as Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini offers a unique blend of breathing techniques, kriyas, meditation, mantra and deep relaxation.

In the afternoon, we will explore energetic boundaries, using body as a sensor, techniques for grounding, self-awareness, inner peace and stability. Prepare for outdoors should weather permit. Allow flexible timing at the end for the closing circle. Journals, blankets and meditation pillows come handy. Dress in layers, ideally in loose and natural clothing. A water bottle and consistent hydration is a must for an optimal outcome. This group is limited to 12 people.

Jana understands from her own life that illness, major challenge, or shift can serve as a true blessing and become a portal to awakening. Jana holds many degrees and certificates, but nothing bears more value to her than a direct experience, integration of practices into daily life, and a practical ways of walking the talk. She is passionate to share simple approaches in various communities around the world. Her main resources are Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, IBP – Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Earth based practices. Her studies and experiences in transpersonal field, world spiritual traditions, plant medicines, shamanism, Medicine Wheel, Ayurveda, etc. all confirm for her the same: Life is a somatic experience. The physical body is a very sophisticated tool for the soul to learn how to be a human and live a vital, meaningful and fulfilling life. Everyone is equipped to do so, because our true essence is of Love and Light. There are no enemies, only tough teachers. Jana’s dynamic and graceful style of establishing Body-Home for the Soul under any life circumstances delivers assurance, empowerment, gratitude, and creative spark to invent one’s own user manual for a human body.




The Alchemy of Flexible Perseverance


Teachings about a Transhuman, a sensory being with new ways of perceiving, is part of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on Humanology. With Ascension Workshop series, we are going to explore authentic relationships with Self, others, and Creation.

Suitable for all - no concerns about age, gender, state or shape.

The intention of these events is to create a sacred circle and bring to the "central altar" your special objects, intentions, hopes, dreams, plans, fears, doubts and worries. Then observe what transpires within and without as we practice together.

The nature of the human psyche and healthy living form Yogi Bhajan's teachings of Humanology. Techniques used in this lineage of Kundalini Yoga come from ancient times of sages, seers, healers and other masters presenting "supernatural powers". Even now these practices effectively help individuals attain a profoundly elevated state of being and mental excellence. All true growth in the physical and spiritual realms begin from a place of great clarity, mental and emotional stability. It remains critical to establish and cultivate a stable and clear foundation for the human psyche. Then we are free and safe to explore, develop and refine our skills in exploration of the higher realms of consciousness, or in other words, the current ascension into high frequencies of fast dynamic universal flow.

Attend this workshop to practice sacred kriyas, meditations, ways or purification, relaxation, mind control, and supportive lifestyle. Your guide on this journey will be Jana Ziman/Guru Bhai Kaur - certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, RCC - IBP therapist, and transformational life coach.











Four 3-hour Workshops with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Awareness Enhancement with the World Perennial Wisdom Practices



In our culture a regular attention to the Divine diminished dramatically. The separation of mundane and Sacred has grown, human hearts are quieted by monkey minds, contemplative silence is replaced by constant surface chatter, and human beings are burdened with sorrow, guilt, grief, desperation and loss of hope. This is our daily reality, when there is a time shortage and overload of various involvements, which takes away opportunities to deepen our soul connection. Materially abundant cultures suffer with innermost emptiness and a hunger for deeper meaning and joy. This collective energy has transmuted the most revered holidays in Christianity – Christmas and Easter – into materially indulgent happenings, where the essence of the Spirit is less significant. Where is the Sacred?


Our circle forms to deliver inspiration how to create more space for the Sacred. We will immerse into ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breath-work, mantra and self-awareness. Teachings from Christianity, Sufism, Sikhism, Taoism, Buddhism, and other world-wide spiritual practices are welcome to be placed on the energetic altar of this gathering. The aim is to take home some hints and practical tools to help us infuse even the most Spirit resisting environments with a spark of reverence to the Great Mystery, and navigate through the “material rat-race” with lightness, humour, and grace.


With dawn of the New Year 2018, we will expand our gratitude consciousness and embrace the dark polarity with the same tenderness as the one we all prefer. The essence and energetic frequency of gratitude is of “the most fertile soil” to plant the seeds for the new beginnings.  Bring all your wounds, disappointments, sorrows, grudges, betrayals, confusion, despair, regrets, shame, fears and doubts into a cauldron in the middle of this circle and observe what transpires when you choose to let go and forgive. “For-giving” is the most liberating act of self-reverence and reflects our trust in the highest purpose of all the lessons in this “University of Life”. Sacred practices of yoga, mind control, body-heart-mind connection loop, deep relaxation and sound healing are tools to employ during this series.


In the highest vibration, “Gratitude”, we shall intentionally and consciously weave the Sacred into our daily lives, homes, work-places, ways of eating, bathing, breathing, walking, talking, listening, creating… The circle will hold each of us in rapport, inspiration and trust. In simple little steps we will illuminate that part of ourselves, which we secretly hold sacred, because once we perhaps used to be shamed for its natural expression, or never had opportunities to set it free. This is the time of the Aquarian Age, when all dogmas and expressions false to the pure essence of Love and Compassion fall away and evaporate like a morning mist. And WE are, in our individuality and togetherness, the means of this change for the humanity. We are the hands, legs, eyes, ears, tongues, minds and hearts of the Almighty.


I trust that this invitation touches your heart enough that you will choose to invest your time and energy into this noble cause. The preference is to form a solid group enabling us to create a strong container for shining bright, and in our vibratory frequency add to many other Light-workers around the planet. Should you feel called to form a “solid brick” of this Lighthouse, please, register for the whole series. If the life circumstances do not allow you, feel free to attend a single event. All are welcome – no age, gender, state or shape is in the way of your participation. The only requirement is following the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga practice, which you can read Here.




For other special events, gatherings or retreats please check the

    Special events and Retreats page.










Tel: (250) 716-6753            E-mail: janaziman@shaw.ca