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I am available for transformational coaching sessions when you are ready!

When the building pressure cannot be resisted anymore to birth a new you...

I'll be pleased to serve as your "midwife".

My hourly fee is $100 and I work with sliding scale

in acknowledgement that some people cannot afford coaching

in times of accute need to move ahead in their lives.

Please contact me for an appointment at jana@modranacocreation.com





I was very impressed by the effectiveness of Jana's coaching.  With her help, I was able to work with significant  longstanding issues in my life, difficult issues I'd been unable to solve on my own. I felt safe and supported throughout each session.  Jana guided me, and provided a remarkably focussed and productive experience during which I was able to clarify the issue, access my own intuition, and find a solution or approach that feels exactly right for me.  (D.P. Nanaimo, BC)

As we started the coaching I felt a fear, not overwhelming but more of a warning that change was going to happen in my life and that I must prepare myself. The next two sessions naturally went into this. Looking at myself inwardly and checking what my feelings were, was I strong enough and prepared mentally and emotionally for changes and could I be open to them? Being open for something new,rather than being afraid seemed to be the final hurdle that I needed to go over.

Little did I know how fast that change would come, and how fast I had to respond. There was no time for fear, just the straight thinking without emotional attachment, which was part of what the coaching was about.

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to listen to myself and for your guidance. How you skilfully pulled my true feelings out away from my confusion.

At first it felt like a puzzle but when I read over the sheets it all came together as it is presently for me in my life choices I am making. I know that your coaching has made it MUCH easier for me to face all the decisions that are coming at me right now in my life. (W.P., Nanaimo, B.C.)


With Jana's unique coaching style, I was gently reminded of the gifts of wisdom of my body and the lessons it holds. The insight gained during our sessions together extended beyond into everyday life, allowing for an even deeper and richer understanding to occur. Working with Jana was a true blessing. (N.W., Moncton, N.B.)


Excerpt from "transformational coaching process"

as I described it in my certification training:

              Coach navigates coachee in recognition of his gifts and capabilities, so that coachee can awaken inner resources, which he particularly needs to activate at the present time. Not everyone is ready for transformational coaching. Prerequisite is coachee’s willingness to fully participate and be 100% accountable for the outcome of his search of the new ways of being.


           Coach drills down into a particular issue. The interaction has a narrow focus and coach tracks it carefully all the way through. It is all done within a frame where a picture spontaneously appears. Coach has to disattach from her own agenda or lenses through which she perceives the picture; she observes the outcome delivered by the genuine process in coachee’s psyche. Coach does not go into her own opinions and interpretations. Here I see a difference between transformational coaching and other types of coaching, where coach tends to implement suggestions, opinions,  her own interpretations and uses personal example extensively.


            How often do we say what sounds truthful in our mind, but seems so foreign to our heart? Is that so rare that we feel certain way in our heart and we are quick to deny it by reasoning of our mind? Why do we feel and identify with something what is very far from our nature on the soul level? Coachee becomes somewhat different and more powerful observer. He acquires capacity to take effective action. Most of all, he realizes that life is not about doing, but about being with what is.



             Such guidance requires from coach a direct experience in walking the path of transformation on her own and understanding pitfalls or obstacles on the way. This process taps into the state of pure being, where all the answers lies. There is acknowledgement of inner light leading to constructive action, which supports coachee’s current situation. This is the transformative moment in the coaching session: the shift when coachee comes out of the box and naturally formulates what he needs and how to get there.  It appears as practicing life in the authentic way.


             Coaching seeks very tangible and measurable results in order to make coachee accountable to his own process, his own power and capability, and to his own personal growth or cultivation of inner power. We already are what we seek to become. There is the transpersonal component of this way of coaching. Transformational coach helps coachee to realize his innate wisdom.    


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