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Through this Power Portal of 8/8 I return to my Island community with excitement, gratitude, and joy.

After several months spent in Europe with my mother on compassionate grounds, I am ready and available to co-create with you here and now:


1. New Moon Circle of Women at oceanside honouring, celebrating, and weaving together as One.  Weaving a tapestry of wisdom so natural for women gathering throughout the ages. In Nature’s embrace, nurtured by raw elements, adding the essence of our individual sparks, we shall form a flame of Light to benefit Creation, Mother Earth,  and all our Relations. Let us gather at 7:00 pm at Lantzville Beach to savour the moment of belonging to the highly intelligent and benevolent force, so palpably present at this moment on Planet Earth. At 8 pm of 8/8 we shall enhance this energetic portal with Kundalini meditation until the sun sets completely and dreamworld calls us back to our homes. Please  register at janaziman@shaw.ca to obtain a full info package. By donation.




Personal reset 2020 continues with the Planetary Reset

Time is Now: December 20-2020





Turn off your television
Turn on your inner vision


An invitation to LIVE STREAMING KUNDALINI CAPSULE invigorating your inner senses via breath, kriya, mantra, meditation, kundalini activation and GENERATING LIGHT IN CELEBRATION OF SOLSTICE 2020.

This is non-interactive ZOOM connection, where you will be muted and in the receiving mode only

Prepare as you would for a regular yoga class: create space for sitting, standing, or lying position. Dim your lights, have your water handy, and observe the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga practice.

You can opt out from the video, so you will not show up on the screen for other participants. 

Choose “speaker view” on your upper right side of the Zoom screen, so that you can see me clearly.


If you cannot participate at the given time, I can send you a link for a REPLAY after the live event, which you will be able to use whenever you wish in the format of Youtube video.


TIME: 120 minutes of re-visiting and reflecting on  the initial intention for this year from January 2020 and supporting planetary sangat in the Final RESET of 2020

WHEN: LIVE on SUNDAY DEC-20-2020 at the 20-st hour of the day (8pm) or REPLAY whenever you choose to do this personal practice

WHERE: In the coziness of our homes through ZOOM online application, or in form of Youtube video in replay later. 

In this virtual space and in a subtle way, we will still nourish our community connection, and mutuality in growing awareness, “riding the same wave in the quantum field”. 


HOW: A Protocol for Kundalini Yoga applies for your safe and effective participation. 

If you share an enclosed link with others in your network, make sure they follow and understand the Protocol

as this practice has a powerful energetic impact and can have unpredictable effects, if done under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or with severe health issues. 

If done LIVE in the evening, prepare to continue in a dream state of being and go directly to bed, or enjoy a salt bath and self-pampering after.

If done as a REPLAY, leave some open space to be just with yourself and have some rest at home or outside in nature.


WHY: Meeting the Times with courage, curiosity, and co-creation. This is my contribution to the community and the Collective

in service from a sense of LOVE, belonging, and genuine care. Here is also a quick sampler, in the form of Youtube video, 

which can be used anytime as a warm up, or an energetic centering and grounding: Kundalini sampler


Point of entry: your curiosity and a call to self-actualize


Point of departure: fulfilled, restored, relaxed, enriched, and empowered


Contribution: by donation to balance an energy exchange.

I honour the hardship of times for many, and if you are unable to contribute financially, please, shine and contribute to the Collective by your own personal LIGHT and LOVING KINDNESS. 

If you are in position to provide, then a suggested donation of $20 by e-transfer to  janaziman@shaw.ca will be gratefully accepted.


Registration:  not necessary as the link and event access is provided freely. 

However, if you choose to do the practice later, then I need to hear from you with your request for a new link.


VIDEO LINK for a replay from Friday Nov 20, 2020:




In gratitude, excitement and joy, 




For Kundalini/IBP healing retreats, other special events, gatherings or retreats please check the

Special events and Retreats page.




Testimonial March 2020:

I've been postponing my testimonial for Jana as I have been waiting for the succinct and powerful words to come that resonate my deep appreciation.  

Then I realized that if I just write from the heart that is what matters.  


I attended Jana's women's circles that included kundalini kriyas and other grounding methods.  I found that I walked away with stronger footing.  My experiences from her classes would come to me in the days ahead to help me navigate the challenges in life.  I began to believe in my inner voice and power, my true guru.  


Jana is devoted to her students and to creating a better world.  Wherever her ego is I have not seen or experienced it.  She has an authentic way of speaking so that her words reach deep inside.  She has a sweet laugh and is very committed to students following the practices so that they get the most out of it.


My only wish is that her website can be redesigned so that her talents will be further recognized!! She is a gem.


Thank you, Jana!  

Sat nam!

Luri, Lantzville, BC


1. Kundalini Yoga, meditation and Transformational Life Coaching – 8 weeks  on Tuesdays Jan 21 – March 10 from 6.00 – 9.00 pm in Lantzville

Registration: at janaziman@shaw.ca
Contribution: $260 pre-registered for 8 sessions or $35 drop-in if space permits  (limited to 6 participants)


2. Women’s Circle of Trust: Healing Hearts – bi-weekly on Thursdays from Jan 30 till March 12, 2020 – 4 sessions from 6.00 – 10.00 pm in Lantzville

Registration: at janaziman@shaw.ca
Contribution: $50 for one session


3. Women’s Moon Meditation Gatherings: Sundays Feb 9 and 23, 2020, and March 9, 2020 - 3 sessions from 6.00 – 10.00 pm in Lantzville

Registration: at janaziman@shaw.ca
Contribution: $130 pre-registered for 3 sessions or $50 drop-in if space permits  (limited to 6 participants) 


Paid fees may be claimed through your extended medical as this falls within my RCC clinical private practice. 



Testimonial of 2019:


I feel so grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received from you over the past years since meeting you. The practices I have committed to have clearly shown the positive results I’ve sought. I continue to have opportunity to learn about commitment and discipline... through your generous and compassionate teachings.


You have honed a finely tuned and deliberate self practice through your own surrendered heart, which has illumined all of your senses, your aura and carriage of being. A higher realm of communication (God) and Light shines through you immensely.


I have witnessed for myself how your example has and does make meaningful difference in the lives of so many people, including myself. Those of us who seek to understand or increase our spiritual capacities and those who have forgotten to recognize who they really are in relation to that which is around them.... and many more in between. 


I say prayers for you and envision a warm receptive bunch hungry for your teaching wisdom and guidance... all benefiting from the coming together for the purpose of Inner sustainability of Peace. I recognize you as a true messenger of love and empowerment... who is making a difference by elevating the state of humankind by living as her own example. Such a beautiful gift, you are.

With warmest love and gratitude,


Nanaimo, BC


Testimonial of 2017:

When I joined Kundalini yoga with Jana in 2008, I didn’t really know what Kundalini yoga was all about.  It just sounded interesting.  I discovered a yoga with movements rather than static postures, classes with a beautiful spiritual side to them, a yoga which offered a deep understanding of the subtle aspects of body mind and soul, and a teacher who held a strong spiritual space for her students.  We learned mantras in Sanskrit and Gurmuki, the sacred language of the Sikhs.  In order to fully understand and progress in this yoga practice, I established a daily morning yoga practice which I have continued to this day.  Gradually the yoga and the mantras and the music that came along with them became more and more important to me. I began to understand some of the words, and the meaning began to seep in.   I began to realize that doing a meditation daily for an extended period of time reaped more benefits than doing it just once in class, and I started doing 40-day sadhanas, or practices, with on-line support from spiritvoyage.com


Throughout my practice of Kundalini yoga, Jana has been consistently there for me, always supportive of my practice and my journey.  Even now, when our paths have parted geographically, I can feel that we are still connected.  More recently I have started delving into and chanting some of the sacred writings of the Sikhs, and I find myself growing and moving along a spiritual path that really speaks to me.  These days, the meditations and chanting fill a larger portion of my daily practice than previously.  As I approach my 75th birthday, the physical yoga becomes more challenging, but I continue to do what I can, and I credit this yoga with keeping me fit as I age.  This is a forever practice and I am very grateful to have found it.


Judith H.

Nanaimo, BC  



You may connect to the other Kundalini Yoga teachers in the area for possible classes or workshops







Tel: (250) 716-6753 Email: jana@modranacocreation.com