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Kundalini: Where Mystery and Practicality meet



This course comes as an inspiration and preparation for the summer season, when we have opportunities to merge deep with natural elements more often. We will explore practical tools of Kundalini teachings from different angles, and expand your awareness of how to incorporate simple techniques for reducing anxiety, stress and mental tension into your daily routines.

Learn easy practices for inducing a meditative state, vitality, grounding presence, and relaxation. Equip yourself with tools to meet emotional challenges, stabilize the mind, and overcome fears, phobias, or addictions. Become clear, focused and in command of the higher consciousness within you. Let this process release physical symptoms that may be troubling you and expand your horizons with new healing possibilities.

What to expect:

  • Breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
  • Grounding and "earthing" practices outdoors;
  • Ways of directing kundalini energy for purposes of purification, activation, and energizing;
  • Exploring energetic boundaries - depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
  • "Breathwalk", rhythm of body-mind alignment;
  • Mantra as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels;
  • Learning from trees, the plant kingdom, and waters, how to enhance one's own healing and adding to the healing of the world;
  • Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies for this circle. This group is limited to 6 people, suitable for men and women who are (in preference) available for all scheduled meetings. No age, state or shape matters, however, your comfort in natural environments is a must. Please apply with a short explanation what calls you to participate.


Where: Lantzville, BC - indoor and outdoor


When: Four Mondays staring with the New Moon on June 3 thru June 24, 2019 for 4 hours each, starting at 5.30 pm (some flexibility around dates and times to meet needs of all participants)


Registration:  at janaziman@shaw.ca until May 29th, 2019


Contribution: $300 for four 4-hour sessions prepaid payable by email transfer or cheque; $80 drop-in if space allows


Instructions: Will be sent upon your registration. Handouts and topic related materials will be provided after each session.










For Kundalini/IBP healing retreats, other special events, gatherings or retreats please check the

Special events and Retreats page.




Testimonial of 2017:

When I joined Kundalini yoga with Jana in 2008, I didn’t really know what Kundalini yoga was all about.  It just sounded interesting.  I discovered a yoga with movements rather than static postures, classes with a beautiful spiritual side to them, a yoga which offered a deep understanding of the subtle aspects of body mind and soul, and a teacher who held a strong spiritual space for her students.  We learned mantras in Sanskrit and Gurmuki, the sacred language of the Sikhs.  In order to fully understand and progress in this yoga practice, I established a daily morning yoga practice which I have continued to this day.  Gradually the yoga and the mantras and the music that came along with them became more and more important to me. I began to understand some of the words, and the meaning began to seep in.   I began to realize that doing a meditation daily for an extended period of time reaped more benefits than doing it just once in class, and I started doing 40-day sadhanas, or practices, with on-line support from spiritvoyage.com


Throughout my practice of Kundalini yoga, Jana has been consistently there for me, always supportive of my practice and my journey.  Even now, when our paths have parted geographically, I can feel that we are still connected.  More recently I have started delving into and chanting some of the sacred writings of the Sikhs, and I find myself growing and moving along a spiritual path that really speaks to me.  These days, the meditations and chanting fill a larger portion of my daily practice than previously.  As I approach my 75th birthday, the physical yoga becomes more challenging, but I continue to do what I can, and I credit this yoga with keeping me fit as I age.  This is a forever practice and I am very grateful to have found it.


Judith H.

Nanaimo, BC  



You may connect to the other Kundalini Yoga teachers in the area for possible classes or workshops:

Apryl Hahn in Cassidy: apryl.lelia@gmail.com

Bachan Kaur in Nanaimo: 1-778-585-6098 or

madeleine bachan kaur <bachan@huemanbeing.com>






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