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KUNDALINI BALANCE - in depth online intensive program for women promoting our capacity to dwell within the center, in our core values, in the midst of external chaos, capable and strong, as noble spirits in human forms, holding torches of Light to remember, deliver, and fulfil our mission on Planet Earth, as Light-Workers do. Transmuting fear to courage, doubts to gut knowing, faint voice of the heart to strong calling, and isolation into celebration. Let the viral mutations inspire us to do just that: new forms of evolutionary renaissance much needed and long awaited, from the inside out.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. JUST DO IT! Send me your YES for this aim to co-create the time, space, and nourishing conditions to make it happen. Proposed start-up date is 9/9/2021, for 9 weeks, for $900. Look up my last offering, Kundalini Incubator 2021 below, to get the idea and basic outline:

Read the testimonials about this rich, deeply healing and transformative program HERE.






                                  a hatchery for Self-Mastery within Great Mystery

                                    Beyond therapy, yoga and transformation



11 brilliant women

ready to conceive - achieve - believe
and actively participate at this not pre-designed program
but pre-conceived in our destiny mission on Planet Earth.

No more passive awaiting, hoping and praying for
now birthing, collaborating and co-creating
with Great Mystery and through Her most potent practices

of Kundalini Yoga, Pranic, Shamanic and Quantum techniques
for human transformation and self-actualization
supporting the shift from dependence to autonomy and communion.

In feminine principles of inter-dependence
emerge anew as a true Power Partner
and embraced these unprecedented Times
in co-creation and reciprocation
reaching up to the highest potential
beyond forms, expectations and imaginations…

…because You are the 1 you have been looking for
and in multiplication of 11 women
within the time frame of 11 weeks
harnessing the quantum wave of 01-21-2021

we shall start a new chapter of self-initiation and continual growth.

This is not about the effort but the FLOW
no competition but re-calibration and mutual magnification
energetically woven just right for this confidential circle constellation
coming out from isolation and shining bright in courageous determination.

We no longer wait for the right circumstances forming around,

we manifest the forms for our deepest and highest soul desires
from inside out together as 1 for Mother Earth and All our Relations

be it, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru!


This Circle of TRUST can serve you as a cozy, potent and nourishing incubating environment for the greatest GIFT of INNER STABILITY and STRENGTH, despite outer chaos. I feel it inside ME, and sincerely wish to amplify and multiply this felt sense of inner peace, trust, grounding, gratitude, and celebration of the Times in active co-creation with YOU! 



How does it look in a practical sense?


On 01-21-2021 we will form a sacred geometry - a circle of participants in the quantum field with initial ceremony and meditation practice.


Every week there will be LIVE streaming (replay available) Kundalini Capsule practice. That is energetic initiation for that particular week via ZOOM Portal, where you will be practicing Kundalini Yoga just like at a yoga class, only enriched and complemented with more than that.


After a few days we will follow up with interractive ZOOM meeting circle, which is a great medicine by itself. Laser coaching, sharing, mirroring, and co-creating within this Circle of TRUST.


There will be a virtual KUNDALINI INCUBATOR circle on SUTRA portal, where videos, audios, kriyas, meditations, practices, and other materials will be posted and accessible. There will be a sharing forum, where you can actively participate or just peek in when you feel like.


Each week you will have "a sister", who will hold a mirror for you and you will mutually keep each other on track, accountable, responsible, available, visible, actively growing and evolving.


I will be your partner-sister for one week and offer coaching and mentorship in any way you may need or welcome.


Set of shared values and mutual agreement of confidentiality shall assure our safe container and comfortable space to be heard, seen, appreciated and celebrated exactly as you already are.


This circle is not for everyone, and if it sparks your interest, I will welcome your application with a few words about you, your intention, and the outcome you would like to see at the end of this journey together.


Claim your spot now at janaziman@shaw.ca



Start date:  01-21-2021

Due date for registration: Jan 11, 2020


Investment of $1,111 available for instalments/ or a wish list for Santa?


Why is this program affordable and of a great value?


One therapy/coaching/private session costs you $185.

In this format you will receive two group sessions per week, audio recordings, many handouts and creative materials, and one week of personal coaching/mentoring with me for slightly over $100.


Why would you choose me as your guide for this journey?


If you have already experienced my style of work, you may attest that I am blessed with a gift of holding a strong container for transformational work and rebirthing. My commitment, determination, self-discipline, focus, and devotion to the path is a part of my true nature. I walk my talk for over 20 years and apply it on self-healing and sustaining growth through many different approaches and traditions. The supernatural comes as natural to me. The invisible and visible threads of parallel realities connect in my consciousness easily and spontaneously. I am curious, adventurous, playful, and ready to embrace any challenge from the place of inner peace, and acceptance of our differences. I welcome the Great Mystery, the Unknown, from a humble place of reverence and ready-to-serve presence, with as much integrity, stability, and flexibility as I am capable of in my own perfect imperfection. Holding the paradox of this dual world remains a challenge for all of us. Therefore, this circle is not about my leadership, wisdom, or coaching skills. IT IS ABOUT ALL OF US AS EQUALS FORMING THIS SACRED CIRCLE of LIGHT. Because to truly become ME happens within a tribe, where the others hold a mirror for my gifts and shadows in a loving manner. Then I can begin to appreciate MYSELF for WHAT I AM. There is enough of ME within ME, and if you are looking for YOU within YOU, my perception of circles of TRUST can serve you as a cozy, potent and nourishing incubating environment for giving a birth to your higher template.






Personal reset 2020 continues with the Planetary Reset

Time is Now: December 20-2020



Turn off your television
Turn on your inner vision


An invitation to LIVE STREAMING KUNDALINI CAPSULE invigorating your inner senses via breath, kriya, mantra, meditation, kundalini activation and GENERATING LIGHT IN CELEBRATION OF SOLSTICE 2020.

This is non-interactive ZOOM connection, where you will be muted and in the receiving mode only

Prepare as you would for a regular yoga class: create space for sitting, standing, or lying position. Dim your lights, have your water handy, and observe the Protocol for Kundalini Yoga practice.

You can opt out from the video, so you will not show up on the screen for other participants. 

Choose “speaker view” on your upper right side of the Zoom screen, so that you can see me clearly.


If you cannot participate at the given time, I can send you a link for a REPLAY after the live event, which you will be able to use whenever you wish in the format of Youtube video.


TIME: 120 minutes of re-visiting and reflecting on  the initial intention for this year from January 2020 and supporting planetary sangat in the Final RESET of 2020

WHEN: LIVE on SUNDAY DEC-20-2020 at the 20-st hour of the day (8pm) or REPLAY whenever you choose to do this personal practice

WHERE: In the coziness of our homes through ZOOM online application, or in form of Youtube video in replay later. 

In this virtual space and in a subtle way, we will still nourish our community connection, and mutuality in growing awareness, “riding the same wave in the quantum field”. 


HOW: A Protocol for Kundalini Yoga applies for your safe and effective participation. 

If you share an enclosed link with others in your network, make sure they follow and understand the Protocol

as this practice has a powerful energetic impact and can have unpredictable effects, if done under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or with severe health issues. 

If done LIVE in the evening, prepare to continue in a dream state of being and go directly to bed, or enjoy a salt bath and self-pampering after.

If done as a REPLAY, leave some open space to be just with yourself and have some rest at home or outside in nature.


WHY: Meeting the Times with courage, curiosity, and co-creation. This is my contribution to the community and the Collective

in service from a sense of LOVE, belonging, and genuine care. Here is also a quick sampler, in the form of Youtube video, 

which can be used anytime as a warm up, or an energetic centering and grounding: Kundalini sampler


Point of entry: your curiosity and a call to self-actualize


Point of departure: fulfilled, restored, relaxed, enriched, and empowered


Contribution: by donation to balance an energy exchange.

I honour the hardship of times for many, and if you are unable to contribute financially, please, shine and contribute to the Collective by your own personal LIGHT and LOVING KINDNESS. 

If you are in position to provide, then a suggested donation of $20 by e-transfer to  janaziman@shaw.ca will be gratefully accepted.


Registration:  not necessary as the link and event access is provided freely. 

However, if you choose to do the practice later, then I need to hear from you with your request for a new link.


VIDEO LINK for a replay from Friday Nov 20, 2020:




In gratitude, excitement and joy, 





One day intensive at Bethlehem Retreat Centre
with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation,
Pranic and Earth Based Practices



I attended The Kundalini Personal Reset yoga workshop last Saturday at Bethlehem Retreat Centre. What a wonder- filled day, in so many ways!

I knew Jana as a teacher, so I already honoured her amazing energy and teaching. I have been feeling deeply affected by the happenings in the world of late, and realized I would benefit from a reset, a day of practice, and Jana’s dedicated energy. I signed up. 

Better than I had even planned for, we harmoniously practiced, shared, chanted, learned, danced, walked and revitalized. The food at Bethlehem was so remarkable, we all commented and fully enjoyed. The circle of practitioners was delightful, some even surprising themselves. They ranged from 19-93: all fully engaged. 

I went home and registered for the upcoming weekend of practice with Jana. 

Please register now, so I will get to practice next weekend with Jana, again. I know I will benefit, and I feel confident you will. 

I bow, 

Maggy MacDonald, grateful yoga practitioner


When: Saturday January 11, 2020
starting at 9.00 am and finishing at 9.00 pm;
vegetarian lunch and dinner included
Registration: at Bethlehem Retreat Centre

This dynamic group work delivers a creative spark, deep insight, fuel for envisioning, and stamina for delivering.When you become aware and awake, the path of transformation and manifestation opens for you. Learn tools which you can apply in relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and at your workplace. Discover that you can meet the challenges from a place of inner power and move through life with ease and joy.

What to expect:
• Breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
• Grounding and "earthing" practices;
• Ways of directing kundalini energy for purposes of purification, activation, and energizing;
• Exploring energetic boundaries - depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
• Mantra as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels;
• Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).


From Yogi Bhajan’s Humanology:

“Just imagine a world in which people act from their intuition and consciousness
instead of from impulse and ego. We need to stimulate the prefrontal cortex, develop the old brain and hypothalamus to enrich our senses, balance the smooth collaboration between our brain hemispheres, and develop the higher
glands to give us the subtlety to read between the lines and to see the future in the seeds of the present.”

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga
strongly applies for this circle. This workshop is for men and women, no age, state or shape matters. Your curiosity is most welcome.






A weekend intensive at Bethlehem Retreat Centre
with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation,
IBP Transformational Body Work,
Pranic and Earth Based Practices
Where Mystery and Practicality Meet: An experiential journey inside and outside


When: February 28 - March 1, 2020 starting at 5.30 pm with dinner on Friday
and finishing at 5.30 pm on Sunday
Registration: at Bethlehem Retreat Centre


Number of participants: 10; open for commuters as well; vegetarian meals included

Dormant Kundalini energy is a life giving force in humans. It removes obstacles, clears obscurities, awakens into an inner truth and self-authority. Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of awareness, a highly efficient technology for the human psyche supporting the courage to risk a full opening to fulfill one’s destiny. Awakening grants permission to be who we truly are, to recognize our natural beauty, and already present wholeness. This secret path of yoga was first taught openly by Yogi Bhajan in the 60s, as preparation for the Age of Aquarius, which is now!

Kundalini doesn’t emerge with “fireworks”, it simply brings clarity,inner peace, and allows us to feel normal under abnormal life circumstances. With the practice of grounding and stability, the current quickening, the down-pouring of high frequency energies, and constant change, can be met freely. We can dwell within like “in the eye of a hurricane”, content, contained, creative and curious. A self-sensory human of the Aquarian Age can selfregulate easily, because s/he leads with the heart, dwells in the belly, and uses the mind as a map for the soul.

Powerful kriyas and highly effective meditations of Kundalini Yoga will POKE-PROVOKE-CONFRONT-ELEVATE the pure consciousness in you:
- to wake up and meet demands of full potential in your life;
- to remember your dreams and recall why you chose to be here;
- to turn anxiety into excitement;
- to loosen restraints and flow with ease;
- to purify and liberate physically, mentally and emotionally;
- to celebrate an expansiveness of your soul and a gradual upgrading of your Self in support of global awakening.


This dynamic group work delivers deep insight into your habitual patterns. When you become aware, the path of
transformation opens for you. Learn many tools which you can apply in relationships with yourself, your loved ones,
and at your workplace. Discover that you can meet the challenges from a place of inner power and move through
life with ease and joy.

What to expect:
• Breath, kriya, mantra, deep relaxation, meditation, and sound healing;
• Grounding and "earthing" practices outdoors;
• Ways of directing kundalini energy for purposes of purification, activation, and energizing;
• Exploring energetic boundaries - depletion, overcharge, moderation, and balance;
• "Breathwalk", rhythm of body-mind alignment;
• Mantra as a tool for mind control and manifesting in higher vibrational levels;
• Learning from trees, the plant kingdom, and waters, how to enhance one's own healing and adding to the healing of the world;
• Sacred rituals and holding energetic space for intunement and attunement (inner and outer vibratory alignment).

The Protocol for Kundalini Yoga strongly applies for this circle. This retreat is for men and women, no age, state or
shape matters, however, your comfort in natural environments is a most welcome.

Testimonials from July 2019 retreat at the Bethlehem:

Jana created a safe and sacred space at her “Bloosom” retreat to share and be witnessed. I felt I had an opportunity to be vulnerable and been seen and heard, creating room for my true essence to come alive. This workshop brought breath into each step of life. It was more than just a room to practice traditional yogi techniques; it was a way to integrate a lifestyle to create momentum for every day change. Through movement, breath, and grounding Jana’s wise and compassionate style guided the group back to remembering our soul connection with our bodies, one another and our earth. It was truly a gift to be a part of this circle.


I signed up for the 3 day workshop BLOSSOM: Kundalini Yoga & IBP Transformational Body Work: Know Your Self and Find Comfort in Who You Are. The workshop was held in the beautiful surroundings of The Bethlehem Centre and facilitated by Jana Ziman. I am newly retired and had never attended a workshop quite like this but I wanted to learn more about my spirituality and myself. Needless to say I was a complete neophyte but Jana made me feel comfortable with her inviting smile, graceful guidance and commitment to making the group feel safe. The weekend was a wonderful experience of new sensations, insight and a sharing of ourselves. I left the retreat feeling like I had shifted into a different way of looking at life, it’s hard to put into words the subtleties. I look forward to what the coming weeks and months will present to me. If you have the chance to go to this retreat, sign up! I highly recommend it.

For scheduled events, please, click here.

Tel: (250) 716-6753 Email: jana@modranacocreation.com