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"Shamanic" became a popular verb describing Earth based ways of healing or connecting with the Source. I personally prefer to call them "indigenous practices". We find them in every culture and on every continent. Deep down within every one of us is "a shaman". In our true core being we all know what to do to heal and how to come out of an imbalance. The question is, whether we are open, available, and humble enough to receive insights and inner guidance. If challenges or doubts obscure our clarity, there are always affinited souls around ready to support and hold the torch in dark tunnels of the Labyrinth of Life.


I find those affinited souls in many shapes and forms. The most tangible ones are of five elements, from which our visible Creation is comprised. I call them "Guardians of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether". The oldest compiled medicine system on Earth - Ayurveda, is based on balancing the elements, or "three doshas". Yoga, Qui-Gong, and all energy based practices are streaming from balancing five tattwas (elements). Feng Shuei, Indian Vastu, North American Medicine Wheel, are established around the basic elemental energies. They are all very simple practices, and in common sense we apply them by going out to nature, hugging trees, gardening, walking barefoot, immersing in natural waters, sunning, sweating in steams, breathing deeply and consciously, exercising, meditating, contemplating, singing, dreaming, or just plain being. That inner urge to do it is the shaman within.



The more subtle ones are "Guardians of the Light and Sound". We commonly name them as Angelic Beings, Ancestors, Power Animals, Spirit Guides, Star People, etc. We can meet them in shamanic journeys, sweat-lodges, yuwipi and pipe ceremonies, meditation and ritual circles, holy places, or anywhere, anytime, as long as we allow and tune in for reception from other realms of consciousness.



At times of challenge and turmoil we tend to reach to another human being experienced in connection to the Healing Light. Whether we call the person a shaman, healer, energy-worker, light-worker, therapist, etc. it does not matter. For me it was once Kathryn McCoeyee, a shaman of Lakota tradition, who served me as a portal to this world of wonder. If you are interested in connecting with shamanic energy worker in Nanaimo area, feel free to connect with me for a referral.



I also studied Psychology of Shamanism at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and approached this world from an academic perspective. Then the peak of my experience came my way as a healing journey to Peruvian Amazon in winter 2013, and a process called "dieting a master plant" with the aim to heal my thyroid gland. Ricardo Amaringo and Shipibo shamans taught me the ancient ways of communion with Plant Spirits and total surrender to the medicine's energy, which is beyond understanding and description unless you experience it directly. The Sacred Science is a documentary, which brings you closer to understanding of this world. To learn more about mentioned "spiritual hospital", go to www.nihuerao.com.



Without a doubt, your cat and dog, is your medicine man/woman. Just allow them to do their job freely and relax. Animal totems are not just pieces of art or metaphors, they are real shamanic beings ready to serve us. For more, look into Ted Andrew's book Animal Speak.

The single most important being in shamanism is Mother Earth, Gaia. There are certain places on the planet which are more conducive to her energies than others. One of such places in British Columbia is the Center of the Universe in Kamloops area: http://www.videttelake.com.

However, wherever we go on our beautiful Vancouver Island, we are lucky enough to dive deep and blend with the Nature in our back yards. In addition, numerous sun dances, sweat lodges, ceremonies, meditation circles, in direct embrace of the Mother, are the ever present shamanic medicines we can choose or not.



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