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   Earth and Heaven meet in the creation of a human being.

  All the elements, light and darkness, feminine and masculine, sun, moon,        and beyond combine in us in a unique blend in each individual.

There is everything in us that we need, just to maintain a balanced connection   to all aspects of ourselves and to extend this connection out to

"all our relations".

I presume that

deep down we all know what to do and how to heal our imbalance.


        I believe in the evolution of the spirit across lifetimes

within the context of the collective unconscious.

From this perspective all the happenings in our individual lives have a purpose and all the people we meet on our journeys are carriers of fragments that fit into a hologram of life.

When we become aware of this, then life turns into a magical flow

and we become energized to turn challenges into opportunities

and to share our gifts openly with others.

Both darkness and light deserve our attention and love.


    In this view “transpersonal”

which opens our perspective into the fullness of being, becomes deeply personal. Deeply personal is usually quite precious

something we keep safe at home or behind the walls of our heart

and eventually share only with a few trusted ones.

  However, deep insights come to us in the most usual or unusual ways,

whether we want them or not. It is our innate nature as fully embodied spirits.  Our ability to recognize, appreciate and integrate this authenticity

into our daily lives points us in two different directions:

we can either remember who we really are and grow from there into

self-actualized beings

or we can keep forgetting, scratching the surface and numbing that

inner “small voice” in a fragmentation of petty busyness or perpetual suffering.

Under all circumstances we have a free choice.


    As soon as we pause and begin to breathe deeply we sense a certain opening.

“Breathe”, in Latin “spirare”, is the key concept of my practice.

With the first inhale we arrive in this life and with the last exhale we depart. Yogis believe that each of us has an allotted number of breaths

and it is up to us how we use them.

How are you breathing right now?

The breathing simply reveals how we live and how we are.

With the breath I begin a coaching session;

the breath charges a body psychotherapy session

and the breath carries us through a Kundalini Yoga class.

Breath links body – mind –heart –soul

and the alignment of these is in the core of world wisdom traditions.


I once told my teacher that if I want to express my relationship

to wisdom psychologies then I would say:

“My body is a Yogi, my heart is a Sufi and my mind is a Buddhist.

My soul is pulsing in harmony with the drums of Native Americans

or with just plain being in pristine nature”. 

It does not truly matter

which path or what way or how educated or elevated we are.

What matters is the cultivation of the connection to the wisdom through the ages which is actually deeply engraved in our physical bodies.

This is my greatest discovery:

the body is the way, path, doorway and the means

to experiencing the divinity of being a human. 

I have been searching among the most subtle energies for years

only to come back to the most gross of them all: the physical body.


I am not talking about the cult of the body

that we see in mainstream culture.

Far from the pre-set ideals of modern obsession, I relate to the average body, which carries the history of the individual life journey

with all its victories and failures.

With eyes closed we may travel far and connect with our inner adult or teenager or our inner child’s body (or proceed even further on).

The Inner Child is a wonderful resource for deep personal work

and an innocent carrier of our truth, aliveness and potential.

The Inner Child shows up in yoga sessions, in psychotherapy and in coaching,

just to remind us to remember!

We eventually connect with our inner beauty and we realize that we are indeed lovable, worthy and good enough just as we are.


From there

the cultivation of self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness

streams out, making peace with our Inner Critic, affecting all our relationships.

When we let go of defensive patterns, then we can process psychological material which dwells within and obstructs the natural flow of goodness.

This practice aligns our gut-heart-head brains and they happily begin to cooperate.

The combination of the body work with the cultivation of the mind,

polishing of the heart and constant remembering of the soul

creates congruence

which shows up as “personal magnetism” that charms the world

even if residing in an “officially” ugly body.


All these practices are incorporated into the programs

at Anahata Yoga and Healing. The purpose of the center is

to share, heal and grow together in a sacred environment.

The yurt is grounded to Mother Earth, guarded by graceful trees.

Its circular shape invites community and evokes the sense of belonging, inclusiveness and communion.

The complementary swimming pool resembles the return to the womb

and offers water therapy, purification, and deep healing

in a chemical-free environment.

The pottery studio is a creative outlet for further exploration

and for the creative expression of our inner territories.

I built the center with the vision of

holding the space for people’s own work within the scope

for which they are ready.




“It is not what you do but who you are I love”: concept of “being with who we are” rather than “doing to become who we want to be”.

The Middle Way: not too much and not too little; just right.

The Wu Wei principle from the Way of Tao: trusting our own bodies, our thoughts and emotions; believing that the environment will provide support and guidance; “effortless action” when we are in alignment internally and externally.

Equality: we all have the right to heal and participate, which is the seed of the donation system at Anahata Yoga and Healing Center.

Sincerity: Walk your talk.

Mutual respect across differences: different traditions, cultures, beliefs, and practices.

Selfless support: help one another without expectations of the outcome.

Forgiveness: we all stumble, make mistakes or are ignorant at times. Forgiving ourselves gives us the ability to forgive others.

Unconditional trust in the Divine:  teachings, abundance, guidance, and love. 

Sadhana: daily spiritual practice which sustains our equilibrium and steady growth.

Tel: (250) 716-6753 Email: jana@modranacocreation.com