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I was born in former Czechoslovakia, traveled many places of this world and in 1994 have settled in British Columbia, Canada.

My wish as an eighteen year old was to study psychology. That did not happen; instead I studied law and journalism, and practiced as attorney-at-law for about 10 years. When I moved to Canada and became mother of two, I dedicated all my energy and vitality to my children and did ponder deeply what is my true call. I realized that nothing interests me more than the nature of consciousness and its application into daily life.  That is how I found a path of Kundalini Yoga and became a teacher of this transformational technology for human consciousness. Very soon after I discovered world of psychotherapy. IBP in particular is a fusion of Western and Easter experiential wisdom, which was exact fit for me. With seven years of training in the Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) I grew to understand many issues which had puzzled my mind for a long time. This experience stimulated my appetite for more. That is why I chose Masters of Transpersonal Psychology program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP). I realized that practice of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy complement each other as much as the Eastern and Western, Ancient and Modern wisdom can possibly do for our individual and collective well being. I specialized in Spiritual Psychology and also became certified in Transformational Life Coaching. In 2012 I joined BCACC and started my private practice as Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC).

Find my curricullum vitae here.

Read my therapist/counsellor profile here and my RCC profile here.

No one can hold me better than myself. Finding my roots, grounding and presence is foundational work. Tree people are my best teachers. Then I can practice how to navigate the world from my belly, lead with the heart, use my wings, and digest life with ease and joy.

Every day is a lesson in such simple true teachings. More proficient I become, more natural and effective seems my support for others until they grow their own steady roots and powerful wings.

Tel: (250) 716-6753 Email: jana@modranacocreation.com