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December 2020 SVK Kundalini Incubator:
Slovak incubator 2020 was a strong revealing and self growth oriented process. At the beginning, I had a very big expectations. During the practice my expectations switched to observing... observing something what was far away beyond my mind could ever create. I was experiencing strong visions, visionary dreams and incubating through many layers.
After incubation process I am feeling powerful, grateful and happy. Modrana is an exceptional guide who can hold the space while the magic happens. She uses powerful tools to dig deep, observe and heal.
This experience changed the way I see the world around me and the way how I perceive myself in the world. And I know its just a beginning and I am thrilling to discover more and go even deeper.
Much Love to you Jana Modrana, thank you for sharing your wisdom and being powerful guide during this transformational period in Aquarius Age.

Michaela Flow. SK

April 2021 SVK-CAD Kundalini Incubator:
After Incubator 2020 I decided to participate on 11week Incubator 2021. I was starting the incubation process with C19. During the process I fully recovered.
From the beginning I knew it will be intense. And it was. I was encouraged to go to places where I was afraid to go before and experience deep transformational work. Modrana combined different techniques to help us to step into our power and enjoy the infinite possibilities within the Universe. She was all the time available to give us life-changing insights into our daily experience. The regular sharing/mirroring with other wonderful woman in the circle of trust through ZOOM was always enriching, healing and full of wisdom.
I have uncovered many layers and gifts during this process which were hidden and forgotten for many years in traumatic experience. I healed a lot of wounds and after all I feel the changes in presence.
Modrana is an extraordinary spaceholder. She guides firmly, but freely, with gracefulness, love and compassion. The practices she offered us were so powerful that miracles happened on daily basics.
Thank you for this breathtaking journey.

I am looking forward to maintain the beautiful energy which we were able to create together.
Michaela Flow. SK


Incubator 2021 was for me an unique opportunity to dive into processing deep questions of body – mind – soul and spirit. 11 weeks provided enough time for unfolding the personal process with the support of the group of sisters and under strong leading and visionary gifts of Modrana. I feel that the international group was also very enriching. Also the timing was very good – winter into early spring – transformation from old to new. I appreciated combination of different recourses of spiritual practices. Anka, Sk


I would like to thank you, Modrana, and all our sisters for this Incubator.
Thanks for your creating the inspiring energetic space during eleven weeks.
Thank you for opportunity to deepen my personal grow, internal cleansing, valuable messages and direction to the Truth.
Thank you for opportunity to feel the extend and depth of power in each of us.
I trust this power, it is inside us. We have it at disposal.
I appreciate the valuable experience from connection of our energies under the kindly guidance of Modrana.
I look forward from to every germinated seed in this process.
I look forward from every medicine, which gradually discovered at our Sunday meetings.
I was honored to work with you in this amazing process.
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

Sita, Sk


Jana has a unique skill set combining Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Kundalini Yoga and spiritual teachings and experiences that were a perfect match for my healing journey. She held a sacred space when working with me that allowed me to trust and surrender to very deep releases and healing; integrating my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth. I felt met and understand completely as she helped me to reframe my family history, to forgive those who have hurt me most and to heal my inner child and traumas.  As a result, I have experienced a shift in my wellbeing, a growing sense of freedom and self empowerment, and a felt sense of being grounded, safe and in my body. I am truly grateful for her focused dedication, grounded presence, pure heart, and unique skills.

Thank you Jana <3 TN, Nanaimo, BC


Our IBP work together has been so valuable to me over the past year. I have had so much change that I don't know if I would be where I am without it; thank you so much for giving me this gift & supporting me on my journey. I trust we have more great work to do through IBP.




I knew there was a path for me and I wanted to start living with meaning and alignment with that path. Jana has helped me to begin to peel back layers so that this path might be revealed.  Jana has supported me with kindness, insight and trust that has allowed me to begin to see that I knew how to live my life this way all along.  My journey of self-discovery has taken courage but with Jana's encouragement and expertise, I have sustained this courage!

Toby C. Parkin


Throughout my sessions with Jana I always felt  respected and supported.  I found IBP to be very empowering - learning techniques that I could use  immediately and also take with me to use throughout the rest of my life. Learning to listen to my own body in order to resource my own feelings to deal with everyday stresses is such a down-to-earth,  practical approach.   I will continue to work on and hone these skills for a long time to come.  The things I learned with Jana help me every day and have especially helped with my new marriage. Thank you!





I have found Jana's gentle insightful approach to be helpful in my self exploration journey.  I found the focus on breath and boundaries with body sensations is the root for my growth.Thanks, Jana.

                                                  Janice Power 



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