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I am filled with gratitude

for the land at 2421 Holyrood Dr.,

its Ancestors and Guardian Spirits,

for hosting Anahata Yoga & Healing

for 5 wonder-filled years.






I call upon our community

to project an intention

to form a new sacred space


cultivate seeds of Love, Light,

healthy relationships

with Mother Earth, each other, and Creation itself,

at a new location.






refers to the energy of

the Fourth Chakra

our heart center

where we are balancing between

the Earth and the Heavens.



Anahata Yoga and Healing was established in October 2004 as a small garden-level studio in Jana's family home in Departure Bay in Nanaimo. A keen community formed around practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Five Tibetan Rites, moon circles, and healing oriented workshops.





Since the yurt center was closed and property sold, Jana now explores more flexible ways of serving the world and her clients. The Circle of Healing Hearts moved into more subtle realms. A virtual space may come into effect through her video series and individual distance guidance. Until a new sacred space emerges on the physical level, Jana will lead an occassional series of classes, workshops, and individual therapies at various studios on Vancouver Island, and in  Slovakia. 




Should you be called to host an event at your place, please send your invitation and proposal.





The property with the yurt

serving as the Circle of Healing Hearts was finally and fully released to its

future potential under guardianship

of the new owners in October 2015.







Until the physical manifestation

takes place, please, find

the current update







The idea of a small healing center was conceived by Jana Ziman, a former attorney-at-law from Czechoslovakia, out of her longing to soothe, ease, and heal the wounds of this world.    In 10 years of her practice in representing clients, she recognized the severity of humanity's fear based state; she experienced the reactivity, intimidation and humiliation of bold injustice and corruption; and the heart breaking loss of hope, deepening of grief, animosity, and destruction of basic human values. 



In 2010, the center was expanded and formed anew in the sacred space of the yurt, just one block up the street, in embrace of guardian trees in back yard garden. The Circle of Healing Hearts  intensified practices. There were also movie nights, talks, Sacred Geometry weekends, special meditation circles in synchrony with global sangat at the dawn of Aquarian Age; solstices and equinoxes; new year's vision boards, women circles, circle of elders, workshop series, sacred therapies, etc. 









2016 and beyond will be trial years for Anahata's healing activities in guided pilgrimage trips to a various places in our Mother Earth's vast embrace. Learning from indigenous people of Canada, Slovakia, India, Peru and Bolivia continue seasoning my vision how to create sustainable healing enter, where we can connect deeply and directly with nature elements. Return to the Earth, our innocence, simplicity and balance is the goal.























Tel: (250) 716-6753 Email: jana@modranacocreation.com