English / about Kundalini Yoga and Meditation / Recommendations for Kundalini Yoga Class

Before the class:

- If you have any medical condition or you are taking a prescription drugs consult your physician before committing to the yoga course;
- Inform your yoga teacher about your physical limitations or serious medical problems;
- Do not eat at least 2-3 hours prior to the class otherwise the blood and energy will be tied up in the digestive process, instead of being available for yoga practice;
- Refrain from alcohol or drugs well before and after the class (with drug high, the powerful energies stimulated may become out of control with unpredictable and possibly dangerous effects). Kundalini Yoga can be a tool to eliminate use of drugs;
- Do not use strong perfumes or scents as courtesy to the others;
- Keep in mind that yoga is particularly helpful when you feel exhausted, stressed, depressed or when some sickness comes around you. Do not stay at home with an idea to skip the class and just relax, unless you have flu or any other contageous illness. You shall come back home more relaxed, rejuvenated, and enriched of a good feeling that you keep up with your commitment;
- Try to arrive at least 5 minutes earlier to settle down;
- For your own comfort bring a cushion or blanket to sit on and another blanket to cover yourself during deep relaxation;
- Wear loose clothing;
- Do not forget a bottle of water (hydration is essential for proper toxin release);
- Go to the washroom, so you do not need to interrupt the flow of the class.

During the class:
- Leave your problems outside the door and enjoy this special time;
- Remove your socks and remain barefoot. Feet have nerve endings that go to all parts of the body. Bare feet maximize the flow of energy and help us to cleanse and revitalize;
- Keep your blanket and cushion within reach so you have them handy when needed;
- Place your water bottle beside your mat and drink whenever desirable;
- Tune in with the following mantra, which is sung under teacher's guidance three times:
(translation: "I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within")
This mantra helps to remind us that practicing yoga is a special occasion and
links us to the tradition of the masters going back through ages. It is aimed to elevate
the individual capacity, sensitivity and awareness. The group chant sets the mental
attitude of everyone present. Join in when you feel comfortable.
- Yoga is not a competition! Everyone is unique. Be your own master. Follow a common sense and distinguish between "challenging" or "hurting" yourself.
- Keep your eyes closed as much as possible. It helps to shut down exterior impulses and fully focus on your own experience;
- After the teacher's demonstration of a particular exercise, keep on at your own pace until you are asked to stop. The teacher is not there to exercise with you, but to supervise, advise and inspire;
- In case you need to stop the exercise sooner, inhale deeply, suspend your breath for a moment, and with the exhale relax. Be patient with yourself. Your ability shall increase with practice. Wait for further instructions;
- Allow yourself to accept passing gas as a natural process of cleansing and healing;
- Focus through the third eye or brow point unless otherwise instructed. This stimulates the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to secrete, changing the chemical balance in the brain and therefore the state of your mind;
- If your mind is being distracted and disturbed with a flow of thoughts, pay more attention to your breath. You may mentally repeat the mantra SAT NAM (SAT means Truth, NAM means Identity, altogether "Truth is my identity"). Say "SAT" to yourself on the inhale; say "NAM" to yourself on the exhale.
- Join the group with the closing chant at the end of the class:
Followed by a long
"Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naaam"

After the class:
- Ask your teacher any questions you may have;
- Do not hesitate to offer your suggestions and responses. A minor moderation can change your experience of the class;
- Take home hand-outs, unless you have the same copies already (help to save our trees);
- Drink lots of water. A headache after the class can be caused by insufficient hydration;
- Try to practice at home between the classes. It takes 40 days of continuous daily practice to break unwanted patterns and habits, or to experience Kundalini Yoga more profoundly;
- Feel free to contact your teacher for further information;
- You can find books, music and other products related to Kundalini Yoga at www.spiritvoyage.com or www.a-healing.com.


When practicing at home:
- Always tune in with mantra "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo", which serves you as a
guidance and protection through this powerful technology;
- Follow the handouts and DO NOT change the order of the exercises! Start with the
shortest time designated for a particular exercise.
- Try to set up a daily routine. You can always set aside at least 15 minutes for your
personal growth. The best time is in the morning.