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My Vision Quest in Bolivia:



I was blessed to have a date with

GOD (Generator-Organized-Destroyer/ Deliverer)

and spent one month in seclusion at 4000 m in the Andean highlands of Bolivia in December 2019.




Allkamari center (https://sacharuna.com/andes/) is dedicated to the Condor and Eagle coming together, according to the ancient prophecy.



It is positioned on lay-lines between major sacred sites of South America



blessed with a Peace Sound Chamber serving sacred ceremonies for the last 35 years



Tibetan stupa magnifying chants and prayers



and Sun/Moon dance sacred grounds.





Just plain being at this place can vibrate all your cells in very high frequency!



In solitude, I communed with Pachamama in the company of Spirits in the Valley of the Souls.




Grandfather Illimani – a highly revered sacred mountain, was my mentor and supporter.



I was immersed in continual prayers in preparation for the Sun/Moon dance.



The string of 404 prayer pouches gradually emerged on a string, which was hung at the dancing ground’s corral to the benefit of All that is, was and shall be.



Simplicity, fasting, cold water hydrotherapy, sweat lodge, medicinal plants, and my own systematic practice combined into a true blessing that I wish for everyone!



I marveled at the grace, beauty and struggle of all Pachamama’s beings under generous sunrays, fast changing weather patterns and glistening bright stars.



The peak of my stay was both an honour and challenge to actively participate on Sun/Moon dance (https://sacharuna.com/esp/sun-and-moon-dance/) around the Tree of Life with dancers from around the world.  The first time in my life with no water, food and indoor shelter for 3 nights/days! Such a wonderful opportunity to experience biology of belief. Human’s ability to sacrifice, surrender and welcome unlimited potential of the Spirit within us felt victorious at the peak of the Solstice. 



In endless gratitude, instead of feeling exhausted and spent, I felt energized, restored and renewed. In humble recognition, I am here on my mission to share the Light of received teachings and visions, which is no more or less than a pure essence of Love that we are!





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